If you dig my love of colour and felt tip pens, good news, I’m taking commissions for custom SHE Art.

Yep, YOU, in art form, as a SASSY SHE Oracle card, with your own SHE story + guidance for life.

I’ve been creating these for SHE Power Collective sisters, and it’s a bloody joy.   I don’t want it to become a ‘job’ which is why I’m not offering it indefinitely, but after recently sharing them on social media + receiving lots of ‘er…where can I get these from please?’ I’m opening 10 commission slots. I’m SO excited.

I’m not interested in drawing portraits of people, or getting the right likeness, my passion is capturing + creating expressions of the nature of women, of the divine feminine in you, so it won't be a reflection of how you 'look' - you've got a selfie function on your phone for that - it will be a piece of SHE art, created especially for you, in the style of a SHE Oracle - a representation of your essence + true nature as SHE.  

There will be a 6 week lead time + you will receive a high res digital image via email, a SHE story, PLUS an 8 x 10 print of your SHE art in the mail.  

There are two investment options:

(NOTE: if you join + support the SHE Power Collective for as little as $3, you get BIG discounts off both these payment options.)

Option 1: By selecting this option, you're saying yes to me creating a piece of SHE art for you, and by paying £250 you’re giving me permission to include it in a SASSY SHE Oracle deck - either the next one or future editions + to use it in any publicity on the web or social media.  The investment will be £250 incl. PP

Option 2: A bespoke piece, just for you, that I won't use in any of my oracle decks or art projects, or on the web or social media. (You can obviously, it'll be yours!)   The investment will be £350 incl. PP

If you’re called, here’s what to do:

  1. send payment depending on the option you choose to my Paypal and put SHE ART in the notes.

  2. send a separate email to with SHE ART in the subject box + include the following:

       - Two pix of yourself that you love and feel are representations of you + your essence      
       - your astrological details - name, date, time, place + country of birth (not necessary, but I like to geek on the feels I get from your astro)       
      - three key words that describe your essence      
      - fave colour, scent, flower + animal (also feel free to include any notes on things you’d like me to know)

Any questions, please email me at: