In order for you to get help quickly and easily I have answered some of my most commonly asked questions below!

Are you a doctor?
No, I'm not a doctor. I'm a women's wellness practitioner who specialises in menstrual health, fertility + 'down there' care. I'm also a woman who after being diagnosed with PCOS + Endometriosis has spent the last 12 years exploring, navigating and learning to love my own lady landscape. I've trained with Mayan g-mamas, NHS nurses, herbalists + sensuality healers (best job title ever, right?) I'm also a vag geek + I've studied 'down there' care intimately. Wink. 

How can I work with you?
You'll be pleased to know that there are lots of ways we can make magic together. Please see the 'work with me' page for more information.

I want to come off the pill can you help?
Definitely. Sign up for a SHE Session + together we can create a plan of loving action in which you'll feel super-supported physically, emotionally + spiritually to show your body the love.

Which book of yours should I read first?
There's no right or wrong order, they all hold their own unique medicine and I can guarantee whichever book calls you the loudest is the one you need to read first. 

Can you write me a spell?
I believe the best spells are written by the person who wants to create the magic. It's ALL about the intention. If you need help crafting a ritual + ceremony to accompany it, I do offer bespoke ceremony creation. You can find out about it here.

If a woman does not have a uterus/ovaries that function properly would you say she is any less powerful? As a woman who struggled with PCOS and all the crap that comes with it I feel a little left out when certain narrative is used to describe a woman's power.

Hells no. Of course a woman isn't any less powerful if she experiences 'down there' pain, disruption, dis-ease or discomfort. 
I have PCOS + Endometriosis and it's how I first discovered the power I DID hold in that space. 
I think any kind of down-there dis-ease is a call back IN to our bodies  and t
he dis-ease + discomfort + menstrual disruption is usually a flashing neon sign demanding we pay attention + come into a fierce + loving (or at least like) relationship with our womb, ovaries + menstrual cycle so that we can call fully remember, reconnect with, reclaim + revere our power.

Can I access your work if I've gone through/going through the menopause?
Of course. Everything I share helps us to reconnect with the truth of our experience as a woman. The biggest response I get from women is 'why didn't I find you earlier?' and I hear you, I wish every woman was taught about the power that lies between their thighs in school (I'm working on it, watch this space!) but whenever we find it, there will always be some medicine for us to receive from the teachings. 
Now, a lot of what I talk about is aimed at women who menstruate, mainly because our bleeding years are our opportunity to experience each phase of womanhood in each phase of our menstrual cycle. Each month our unique-to-us teachings, lessons + blessings unfold and unravel, and if we pay attention to our monthly teachings, when we reach menopause we're able to fully step into our true power.
We no longer need to bleed because at menopause we are in our power and have a total 360 perspective of our inner + outer lady landscape. Yep, this is the time to revere your queendom, to own your throne. Yet, because we live in a society where youth is celebrated and old age is feared, menopause has been made to be a sign of being 'past it' or 'no longer of service' when actually, it's totally the opposite. In the same way I'm passionate about women reconnecting with and celebrating their first bleed (menarche) I'm equally as passionate about women no longer dreading or fearing menopause but experiencing and celebrating it as the time they come fully into their power.

I'm on the pill + don't want to come off of it, can I still work with what you share?

You can, but it'll be a little harder to do. 
Any form of hormonal birth control creates a synthetic cycle, so any bleeding or change in moods that you experience will be manufactured which makes following the ebb + flow of your own rhythms much more difficult. You can, however, use the cycles of the moon to connect in with the teachings that I share how to do this in detail in my book, Code Red.

I had surgery to have my womb removed so I no longer bleed, can I still connect with my SHE power?
Please know that while you may not have an actual womb anymore, the space is still potent and will hold an energetic womb imprint. In fact, I've worked with a lot of women who have had hysterectomies to create ceremony to honour the space as sacred as well as performing a shamanic energetic womb transplant (yes, it's totally a thing. A really powerful + potent thing.) Many women feel empty after a hysterectomy and together, in ceremony,  we call in and infuse their womb space with their own energetic womb.  

I have endometriosis/PCOS/fibroids/irregular periods can I ask you a quick question?
What I've found is that nothing is 'quick' when it comes to talking about 'down there' - the subject has been taboo for so long that when we start to talk about our menstrual cycle, our vagina, or any 'down there' pain we're currently experiencing we need time and space to explain, express + explore, so I invite you to book a SHE session with me + I'll be so happy to share my insight with you. 

Do you do SASSY SHE oracle readings?
Five 1 card pull reading slots become available every full moon, so make sure you're on my mailing list or keep an eye on my instagram @sassylisalister for when they're released. Full tarot + SASSY SHE oracle readings are available on request so contact me.