WHAT: Real-time medicine to help you navigate both your inner + outer SHE 'Scape in these 'interesting' times.

WHEN: Every Dark Moon + Full Moon

HOW: Each transmission will be led by the aspect of SHE that reveals herself in the card that I pull from the SASSY SHE Oracle Deck.

These cards are multi-layered, archetypal, they correspond with crystals, herbs, trees + oils, they tap into ancient timelines + cycles, they each hold their own ritual + ceremony to honour the aspect of woman they represent. I channelled, created + coloured-in these cards + have read with them hundreds of times, I KNOW them + they speak loudly through me - unfiltered + uncensored.

Each transmission includes:
- SHE-led teaching based on the card pull (MP3)
- a SHE 'Scape overview that relates to the astro/cycle/lunar landscape for the 14 days ahead (MP3)
- a SHE-led meditative journey based on the card pull (MP3)
- a virtual medicine bag of crystals to use, baths to take + rituals to do to work with the energy of the card pull and the current SHE 'Scape (PDF)

There's no facebook group to join, no membership system where you keep paying for a thing you don't ever interact with - yep, I've totally done that too - all you have to do is follow me on instagram and/or check your SHE mail + three days before every new moon + every full moon, I'll let you know that the SHE 'SCAPE transmission is available to buy here, I'll share which card I'll be working with + what medicine is coming through + if SHE calls you, you sign up for the download.

As this is real-time medicine, it means that each transmission will be specific to the current SHE 'Scape and will only be available to buy for the 3 day time portal. (Of course, once you've bought it, you can download it + listen to it forever + ever.)