"Lisa is an incredibly special teacher and woman. The best kind. One that facilitates a deep connection back to your own strength and power and guides you in a gentle yet fierce, loving way.

I was struggling with anxiety which caused depression, I felt too weak and exhausted to even consider showing up to what Lisa was offering. I was scared of my own mind and thoughts, panic attacks came out of nowhere and I felt I had completely lost control of myself. Lisa encouraged me through gentle, yet deeply profound practices to remember the power I have, and with her help, I connected so deeply back to myself that for the first time in my life my mind does not run the show, my thoughts do not rule me. The peace I now feel through Lisa’s healing is so intense it brings me to tears many times. If there’s one person you can go to to transform and heal in the most incredible way - Lisa is your woman! "

Farah Oaths

The SHE Sessions are 60 minute deep-dives for women who want to talk-it-over.

It's that simple.

No agenda. No plan.

Just fierce devotion and dedication to you and your current SHE 'Scape.

You can bring a specific question or situation that needs attention, call in guidance from the oracle cards, ask questions about your menstrual health and 'down there' care and seek counsel about a current situation that needs to be witnessed and heard.

A SHE session is for anyone who wants to come into sacred space with me and SHE and unravel, reveal and heal.

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