"Lisa is an incredibly special teacher and woman. The best kind. One that facilitates a deep connection back to your own strength and power and guides you in a gentle yet fierce, loving way.

I was struggling with anxiety which caused depression, I felt too weak and exhausted to even consider showing up to what Lisa was offering. I was scared of my own mind and thoughts, panic attacks came out of nowhere and I felt I had completely lost control of myself. Lisa encouraged me through gentle, yet deeply profound practices to remember the power I have, and with her help, I connected so deeply back to myself that for the first time in my life my mind does not run the show, my thoughts do not rule me. The peace I now feel through Lisa’s healing is so intense it brings me to tears many times. If there’s one person you can go to to transform and heal in the most incredible way - Lisa is your woman! "

Farah Oaths

The SHE Sessions are 60 minute deep-dives for women who want to talk-it-over.

It's that simple.

No agenda. No plan.

Instead, I offer fierce devotion and dedication to you and your current SHE 'Scape + experience.
I create a strong + safe container via zoom - I like to call it a zoom womb - where you can take a breath, express, share, be listened to, be witnessed.

You can bring a specific question or situation that needs attention in your life, ask questions about your menstrual health and 'down there' care, and/or seek counsel + support on something you’re creating, exploring, experiencing.

- I’m a qualified coach who specialises in supporting women psychologically + spiritually to explore the terrain of being a woman.
- I’m a trained well-woman therapist + womb massage practitioner who is passionate about making sure women have the tools and knowledge to feel safe, reconnect with + be present in their bodies, understand their cyclic nature + work with their rhythms + flow to thrive.
- I’m a somatic practitioner, qualified yoga teacher + qualified curvy yoga teacher who is passionate about movement as medicine no matter what size, shape or ability.

FYI: I’m also a woman, like you, who is exploring it all, messing up + figuring it out.
So it ‘should’ go without saying, but just is case it doesn’t, there is NO judgement.
I’ve been doing this for 15 years, There is NOTHING you can say or share that will freak me out or that is TMI.
Also, I’m a Scorpio so death, sex + rebirth and all the so-called taboos that lie in between are comfy territory for me. I mean you don’t HAVE to bring those things to session, but know that you can.

A SHE session is for anyone who wants to come into a non-judgey, sacred + safe space and unravel, reveal and heal.

Click below to book your session.
You’ll be taken to my calendar.
Book a session, pay for the session.
You’ll then be asked to fill in a short questionnaire - try + be as expressive as you can so we can get the most of our session(s) together.

NOTE: This is designed as a one-off session where the only commitment you have to make is to to showing up for yourself + asking for what you need.
If however, you’re interested in working together and entering into a more long term, therapeutic style situ, I DO offer this.
It can come in the form of fortnightly/monthly support calls while you move through a situation or begin something new, it can come as fortnightly/monthly counsel or psycho/spiritual maintenance, but to keep us all feeling safe, we start with a one-off session. If after that one session, it’s something you’d like to consider, please ask for more details at the end of our time together.

If you would like a 1 to 1 session (or a series of sessions), please email: lisa@thesassyshe.com and you will receive a diary link with availability along with a short questionnaire.

Single sessions are £250