A SASSY SHE reading is no-bullshit, straight-up, fierce-love guidance that will help you unfold, unfurl and reveal your heart-thumpin’, soul-stirring, beautifully messy truth.

I use the SASSY SHE oracle for these readings and each card has a truth bomb. Divine guidance that will invite you to enter into a dialogue with your heart and claim your truth. It won’t always be pretty, you won’t always get a happy-ever-after tied up in a pretty bow, but it will be real, and it will be raw and magick will happen because when the SASSY SHE is present, it always does.

I'm a hereditary witch, intuitive and tarot reader, and as creatrix of the SASSY SHE oracle cards, I have an intimate relationship with each o' the SASSY SHE in this deck. These women shout, whisper and sing their wisdom and insight directly to me, which makes giving you a SASSY SHE reading a totally divine and personal experience. When the SASSY SHE and I hook up, we work pretty special magic together. Just saying.


You choose from one of these life areas:

  • your SHE power
  • career, money + work goodness
  • pleasure, sex + love
  • spiritual insight
  • home life and all things domestic
  • wellbeing, health & self-love

I then pull you a three to six card spread.
I will create your reading in PDF format with a picture of your spread and the current moon phase.
I will then be SHE led.
I will heart riff to write your personal SASSY SHE story.

This isn't your average tarot or oracle reading, I hook up with SHE and together we riff on your question. There will be no editing, just sweet, soul medicine in the form o' words. Sometimes SHE'll add journal prompts, mantras, things you should try, chakras to work with, a particular yoga move, whatever SHE believes you need to hear and learn.

FYI: when these ladies talk directly to me, they cut through any nonsense, and are straight to the point (they believe that we've got some big-ass work to do together as lady kind, so sugar-coating is not an option) each reading will be unedited, and will come from them, through my big beat-y heart, to you.

Each reading is usually 5 to 10 pages long and can take up to a month depending on moon phases + my own cycle. To prevent disappointment, email me before payment so I can let you know a date for delivering your reading!