SHE MENTORING - Or as I like to call it, SHE Work. 

This is for the edge-walkers, those who want to reveal + heal, the one's who have heard The Call and are willing to re-write the stories they've been told to believe about themselves and call back their power. Now.  

Woman, this takes ovaries. You're courageous. Deep bows.


A three-month commitment is required - This way, we explore, get dirty with, and navigate your experience together. I hold space and guide you as you make your own medicine to reveal, alchemise, heal and reclaim your power.

Know that I'm a Scorpio with Capricorn rising. I go deep really quick. 

There’s NOT a ‘structure’ to this work, each session is a SHE-led ‘felt’ experience. A co-creation between you, me + SHE. (Just so you know, we’ll be quite the threesome.) But there are ‘keys’ that are present to make sure the work + medicine reveals itself exactly as it’s meant to…

  • SHE SPACE: YOU time. Space to receive counsel. In this intentional space, we drop deeper into a place that goes beyond the small talk, and into the deeper parts of you that NEED to be witnessed and seen.
  • SHE SOMATICS: Where there are blocks or beliefs, something holding you back or preventing you from opening, transforming, or expanding in your life - I will use somatic practices - drum, movement, sound or nidra - to help you work through whatever needs to be looked at.  
  • SHE MEDICINE: This is where the magic happens. So many of us think of ourselves in titles, roles and parts - boss, mumma, wife, artist for example, and many of us majorly play down certain titles, roles and parts of ourself because...well, we'd be FAR too much if we were ALL our parts, right? Wrong. Woman, we need you whole.

Together we invite the parts of you that you have hidden or ignored or blamed or shamed to be present. No matter how uncomfortable. And we do the work that's necessary until you feel whole.  

  • SEXUAL SHE-ALING Sexuality and sensuality are key to your overall happiness, wellbeing and vitality. We'll explore your relationship with both and you'll create a healthy sexual identity. This means you're able to trust your gut feelings, work with, and not against, your menstrual cycle and claim your potency as a woman who is whole and in her power.



  • Twice a month, 60 minute Skype/zoom - whatever techno method you prefer – calls.
  • Customied work, IN-your-body practices + rituals prepared for you along with some required reading.
  • Email guidance when needed.
  • Monthly SHE readings.


  • I’ll share everything you need to know about this incredible healing tool (the yoni egg) when you receive it, as well as how to use it along with the work we’ll be doing together.
  • After our initial three month commitment there will be further options to continue working together if you and SHE desire.

Just so you know, once you've committed to this, and payment is made, SHE will take you through a divine process of purification in preparation. It happens for every client.

Whatever occurs during that time, trust that it is meant to happen, so that you can receive all you need in order to support your return to total wholeness.

If you're hearing The Call,  please contact me below with 'SHE GUIDANCE' in the message title and some information about where you are at right now and I will get back to you to discuss our journey together.

Lisa is currently fully booked until mid-September. Sign up to her SHE Mail if you want to be notified when new places open up.