A 28 day, online immersion to explore how to trust yourself, speak your truth + remember your magic when you are being called to show the fuck up.

DATE: 13th July – 9th August

WHERE: Online


“The speaking will get easier and easier.
And you will find you have fallen in love with your own vision, which you may never have realised you had.
And you will lose some friends and lovers, and realise you don’t miss them.
And new ones will find you and cherish you.
And at last you’ll know with surpassing certainty that only one thing is more frightening than speaking your truth.
And this is not speaking.”



Shit, I love that woman.
This is a quote from a talk that Audre Lorde shared in 1977, yet it feels like a very real response to these current times.
These current times where we’re being called, in all the ways, to SHOW UP.
For ourselves, for each other, for the world.
To be seen, to be heard, to write, to speak, to create, to share our voice + the fullest expression of ourselves in a world where until recently, women have been persecuted, punished, burned, drowned + tortured for doing exactly that.
In fact, for so many of us, that witch wound runs so deep that there’s a very real fear that it is STILL unsafe to share.

I get it. I wrote a book called Witch.
Now, I know, and I said this in the book, that if you’re going to write a book called Witch, you’re going to have to deal with the repercussions of that. I’m a third generation (maybe more, gypsies aren’t big on paperwork which makes tracing your lineage back further than the relatives you’ve ever met a little tricky) gypsy, witch + oracle.
I wrote about being a woman, I wrote about being a woman who was also a gypsy (not an Instagram gypsy with pretty pictures of misappropriated cultures, I’m a real one, the kind that it’s still apparently okay to discriminate against) + I wrote about the magic, power + wisdom I now have access to by reclaiming what’s rightfully mine:
My roots.
My lineage, my heritage, my body + my connection to source.

I heard the call to write, to share my story + I showed up to the page.
I showed up for SHE, for me, for you + for all the women who have written to me, left me messages + shared their story since reading the book. (If you are ever moved by a book, if you love it so much to take a new path of action because of it, please write to the author + tell them. It’s day-changing. Honest.)
However, showing up isn’t all about the kudos + props.
That fear you currently feel about being seen? The fear of judgement, + persecution, + witch hunts? That fear of being stabbed in the back, of people wanting to cash in on your story + not honour the ovaries it took you to write it?
 Make no mistake, that fear is real.
I’m not here to sugar-coat this for you. If you’re being called to show up whether it’s to write a book, start a blog, create a youtube channel, speak publicly, you WILL piss someone off.
There’s a chance you’ll piss a LOT of people off.
There’s a chance people will take what you’ve shared COMPLETELY out of context + make up an entire story about who you are as a person based on a line in a book.
There’s a chance they’ll say hurtful + untrue things about you on the internet that are absolutely not true.
There’s a chance people will misquote + misrepresent you. Sometimes accidentally. Sometimes on purpose.
There’s a chance people will get jealous of you + project their ‘stuff’ onto you.
And I’m not even going to try to reframe this in a wanky NLP way, BUT… and there is a but…
If you’re being called to show up, despite knowing ALL of this, despite feeling ALL the fear + wanting to hide under your duvet and eat jaffa cakes (that’s not just me, is it?) you do it anyway.
Because you can’t NOT do it.



…you KNOW you have a message to share, a story that needs to be told (and damn, do we need the stories. ALL the stories. From every angle. From every heart.)

…there’s anger, frustration +/or passion in your body + you want to turn that into art + creativity + words + magic effectively

…you’re wondering how to know + most importantly, trust what’s yours + what’s the ideas/concepts/thoughts of others  

…you are struggling to figure out how your voice can matter in a world that’s so fucking noisy

I invite you, smack dab in the middle of Mars retrograde, from the 13th July – new moon in Cancer + day of the goddess – through to the darkness of the moon on the 9th August, also in Cancer (ALL. THE. EMOTION.) to join me online for…




A 28 day, online immersion to explore how to trust yourself, speak your truth + remember your magic when you are being called to show the fuck up.

Now, heads up, I don’t claim to have this all figured out.
In fact, don’t expect to get advice from me on public speaking, I was so afraid to speak + be heard, that I was totally mute for over a year during my childhood. I have full-body shakes + I’m often sick before any kind of public event where I have to speak, I’ve turned down national TV shows + TED talks due to fear, but slowly, over the last few years, I recognised how painful it was NOT to speak so despite the shakes + barfing, I now say yes to speaking.
I say yes to TV + interviews.
I hold in-person events.
Sometimes I'm good, other times? Not so much.
I think SHE makes it that way so that in speaking from the messy truthfulness of my heart, gut + womb, I offer up some kind of permission slip to other women – you do NOT have to be glossy, you do NOT have to have stepped-out-of-a-salon hair, you do NOT have to wait until you have it all figured out. (Also, the good news for you is that I have friends. Friends who are actresses, friends who are singers – I’m calling them in, I’ll heart riff with them, record it, + share their wisdom with you.)

And in the last three years I’ve written three books that cover subjects that make people feel really uncomfortable. Code Red, Love Your Lady Landscape + Witch.
I’ve had to get really okay with not making people feel comfortable.
It’s meant that some people have experienced incredible life-changing magic unfold for them as they’ve rediscovered + reclaimed their power, it’s also meant that others have got pissed + started entire Tumblr accounts with the aim of ‘bringing me down’. (FYI: If they’d actually read Witch + not just read the first few pages you get free on Amazon, they’d have realised that what they’re saying isn’t actually true, they’d also realise that I wasn’t the granddaughter of the witches that you couldn’t burn, I WAS that witch, I DID burn, and I’m back, so it’ll take more than a bloody tumblr account to stop me showing up this time around. Ha!)

In a world where EVERYONE is offended by EVERYTHING, in a world where there’s so much injustice it’s easy to spiral into overwhelm. helplessness and/or reach for tried + tested ‘numbing out’ procedures, and in a world where it doesn’t feel entirely safe to speak your truth right now without fear of being hounded by the tone/rightness police - how do we show up to the page? How do we show up on stage? How do we show up on screen? How do we trust our own magic + show up for ourselves?

During this 28-day immersion, we’ll figure this all out. TOGETHER.


…want to write, speak and/or be the fullest + most truthful expression of themselves in the world

…have self-censored their voice whether on paper, or in life, because she’s been told she’s too loud or too much.

…want to trust themselves + want to trust that what they say matters.

…want, and more importantly, NEED to share their story - have a desire to activate their fierce. feminine. deeply devotional SHE voice.



We will work with the energy of SHE, in real-time, to access specific-to-you, creative pathways that are in astro-alignment + in tune with the moon and her cyclic nature during the 28 days. As we move into each of the moon phases, I’ll send a carefully curated medicine bundle direct to your inbox, from my heart to you to help you explore, connect + align with the rhythmic, astrological + cyclic intelligence of SHE, la luna, your body + the cosmos as you explore showing the fuck up. 

This intel will create a cyclic consistency. A SHE-led structure that, instead of feeling rigid and restrictive, will feel supportive, nurturing + will create a sense of safety. For so long, lifetimes in fact, it’s not felt safe to be a woman with a voice and an opinion, so in order to create + share from a real + true place, you need to feel safe.

Because it’s only when you feel safe that you’re willing to recognise your fears, concerns + so-called ‘blocks’ for what they really are, patriarchal power tricks to stop you sharing your story, telling your truth + shining your beautiful, bloody light.

I’ll share my own practices, I’ll share ritual and ceremonies, I'll share my own experiences of remembering my SHE voice to write bestselling books: Code Red, Love Your Lady Landscape + Witch, I’ll share the experiences of friends who are authors, singers, actresses + activists + most importantly, we’ll gather together to support each other in feeling safe to share + show up.



SHE IS LIT : SPEAK, SPELL, SHOW UP WORKSHOP  (recorded + downloadable)  you are invited to join me and ask questions as I share my insight on resistance and procrastination, how to describe the indescribable, telling our truth, discovering our SHE voice, how to deal with criticism and EVERYTHING in between. 

SHE IS LIT : SPEAK, SPELL, SHOW UP DIGITAL MEDICINE BUNDLES At each phase of the moon, you’ll receive a medicine bundle, direct to your inbox, tied with metaphorical red thread + infused with love + magic for that particular moon phase - it will have guided journeys, prompts, rituals, spells + ceremony created + curated specifically to support you.

SHE IS LIT : SHE RIFFS Throughout our time in circle together, I’ll gather some of my favourite women who speak, sing, act, write + share in a fiercely vulnerable way, I’ll ask them some of the questions that are coming up for us as a circle, I’ll record us riffing together + I’ll then share them with you. 

SHE IS LIT SUMMER SCHOOL CIRCLE  – a Facebook group (I’m trying to find an alternative way to gather in community + share online, but until I do, FB is it.) for us all to gather as women and share our insights + discoveries throughout our 28 days together. Don’t worry this isn’t a place to receive critique, or where you’ll be told HOW to publish a book/speak in public/create art (although you can totally ask questions + I’ll happily share my experiences + insight with you.) It's a space to share the experience, ask questions + unpack any 'stuff' that unfolds for you in the process of our time together. (You don't HAVE to join the FB circle to receive the medicine, but I'm not going to lie, I give goooooood circle.)



I'm an author (I've written 30+ books + yes, one of those was a Justin Bieber annual. G-friend had bills to pay, 'k?)

I'm an editor. (I've worked for HarperCollins, Penguin + Parragon)

I successfully self-publish. (I've sold over 12,000 copies of Code Red + over 5,000+ sets of the SASSY SHE Oracle

I successfully publish with traditional publishers HarperCollins, Penguin + Hay House

I'm also a SHE-led channel, oracle, guide + way-shower who's obsessed with making sure more women's voices + stories are supported as they start fires + create revelations + revolutions in the publishing industry, in the media, and in the world.


"...Lisa is the most incredibly attentive way-shower, the most inspiring truth-teller and the most beautiful circle maker. I hadn't at all expected the level of involvement and devotion to us that you so lovingly gave. Within the safety of the circle I was able to witness what had been silencing me, what I thought I had long ago buried. It's here that I was able to heal..."

"...Lisa will help you discover your authentic voice. She'll help you to write and speak from your heart and womb and how to recognise that the voices you hear that say 'you're not good enough', or 'you can't do this' are NOT your voice.
Lisa is a kick-ass guide-ess with deep wells of knowledge, fire and medicine..."


"...WOW. I have just finished SHE IS LIT and I believe Lisa is a modern-day high priestess.  Instead of a temple, priestess robes and circles of initiates; Lisa uses social media and online technology to teach, share and gather women and she does this with aplomb and zero fuckery..."




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Registration will close at 4pm BST on Wednesday 11th July. When you register, know that I'm sending you a virtual high five + that I'll be dancing like that lady in the red dress emoji in anticipation of you joining me for SPEAK + SPELL. The day before the new moon, I'll send you an email of love, preparation and a ceremony for you to do ready for our SHE IS LIT :: SUMMER SCHOOL experience to begin on Friday 13th July. Hurrah.

If you have any questions about SHE IS LIT SUMMER SCHOOL email me at: - because of the digital nature of this course, it is non-refundable, so take a breath, feel into your big, beautiful heart before hitting ‘buy now’, ‘k?


Absolutely not. Everything I share will be delivered to your inbox each moon phase, the circle is a supportive extra addition to what I share. (Personally, I love connecting with other women this way, but I know it's not for everyone which is why it's always optional.)

Of course. You will receive a medicine bundle for each phase of the lunar cycle direct to your inbox, so you can work through each bundle however is convenient for you. 

SHE IS LIT SUMMER SCHOOL is not specifically about writing or public speaking, although we will talk about those things. It's about showing up and sharing your magic and truth in any situation + having power where you may currently feel powerless.