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An online writing experience for fierce + feminine fire-starters who:

1. want to write on, + through, the fire.

2. want to provoke + evoke their readers to FEEL.

3. Are willing to let the writing process be a SHE-led quest of self-discovery.

Women have always told stories, it’s how we roll. 

In fact, it’s our way of saying who we are, where we’ve come from, what we know and where we’re heading, so why, when you KNOW you have a story to tell, do you find ALL the reasons NOT to write?

"I've not got enough time…" 

"I can't spell…" 

"I'm not a good enough writer…" 

" What if no one wants to read it?”

I hear you.

I used to ache for my voice to be heard. I wanted to be a published author. But mostly, I wanted more than anything, to be able to fully express myself – the glory, the pain + the exquisite in-between space – through the written word. 

But for so long I got the fear. Big crazy fear. Fear of being seen, fear of not being good enough, fear of persecution. (I’m  woman, I’m a gypsy, I’m a witch, THAT wound is cell deep.) Fear so paralysing, I became a writer-for-hire who 'ghost wrote' reality TV biographies and Justin Bieber annuals. True Fact. 
On paper, (and in my every day life) I self-edited + censored my vulnerability, my rawness, my SHE-powered voice so that I was likeable, loveable, acceptable. Yet, what I know now, that I didn’t know then, is that if you DON’T share your story + your truth – no matter how messy, imperfect + not-likeable it might appear - you stay in fear. 
You perpetuate the myth that your voice, your story, your words are not important.

I've been in the publishing industry now for over two decades, written best-selling books + yet I've been told on more than one occasion, 'there's too much of your personal story in this’ and 'there's too much ‘I’ in this story', and 'don't tell them a story, especially not your own story, tell them what to do and how you can fix them.'

I call BS. 

I want, more than anything, to support women to write books that share their story AND their medicine. 
I want the women reading them to recognise themselves in the words + emotions that are shared, and most importantly, realise that they can use the writing process to make their own freakin' medicine to purify, heal + thrive.

We don't need telling 'what' to do by a book. 

We don't need yet another 'self-help' book designed to keep us broken. 

What we DO want is heart + womb deep truths, experiences shared, we want lessons that have been learned + we want the medicine. The bitter/sweet/messy/scary medicine.
Which is why I’m inviting you to join me on the new moon in Aries for SHE IS LIT :: DEDICATION + DEVOTION :: a 28 day online, SHE-led writing experience.


Think The Artist's Way, if is was created specifically for women, with spiritual home-girls Mary Magdalene, Medusa, Kali Ma, Lilith, Joan o' Arc, actually, ALL the women throughout time whose stories have been censored + edited throughout history, as your way-showers.
Add a HUGE helping of ancient feminine wisdom - cyclic intelligence + lunar lore - made totally relevant for modern women like me and you who juggle mummhood, careers, relationships and, mix well with exercises, tools, rituals and practices that will offer juicy + pleasurable pathways into the creative process and that, ladylove, is SHE IS LIT : Dedication + Devotion.

I won’t tell you HOW to write. There are hundreds of books + courses that will teach you THAT. I’m going to share a 28 day, SHE-led writing practice that will become an act of dedication + devotion to yourself. A process that will make medicine, that will heal, source + support + that will becomes a journey of self-discovery.
FYI: An actual book to heal, source + support the collective will be a delicious bi-product. I promise.

So much of the feminine medicine is made in the creative process. (and it IS a process.)

It’s a process that WILL bring up' stuff.’ That’s the idea.

It’s a process that WILL highlight the fears, the blocks, the shadows. The concerns about being seen, the worries about being raw and vulnerable, and  for those of us who have been burned, silenced + persecuted for telling our truth in past lives, it will bring up the question, why would I bloody do THAT again??!!

It’s a process of dedication and devotion that will ask you to show up for yourself. For your creative power.  For your magic. It’s a process that will invite alchemy in your body through the written word to make medicine.
Fierce medicine.


Want to write

Have self-censored their voice whether on paper, or in life, because she’s been told she’s too loud or too much.

Want to trust themselves + want to trust that what they say matters.

Want, and more importantly, NEED to share their story - have a desire to activate their fierce. feminine. deeply devotional SHE voice.



We will work with the energy of SHE, in real-time, to access specific-to-you creative pathways that are in astro alignment + in tune with the moon and her cyclic nature during the 28 days. As we move into each of the 8 moon phases, I’ll send you a love letter with a transmission (either as a video, audio or a written love letter - sometimes all three) from my heart to you to help you explore, connect + align with the rhythmic, astrological + cyclic intelligence of SHE, la luna, your body + the cosmos. 

This intel will create a cyclic consistency. A SHE-led structure that instead of feeling rigid and restrictive will feel supportive, nurturing + will create a sense of safety. For so long, lifetimes in fact, its not felt safe to be a woman with a voice and an opinion, so in order to create + share from a real + true place, you need to feel safe.

Because it’s only when you feel safe that you’re willing to recognise that your ‘blocks’ - I don’t have time, I’m not good enough, dedicating time to my writing practice is selfish + indulgent - for what they really are, patriarchal power tricks to stop you sharing your story + shining your bloody light.

It’s only when you feel safe that you dare to admit that a daily devotional practice is a radical act of self-love. And that you deserve it, and far from being an indulgence, is an actual necessity to your wellbeing.

It’s only when you feel safe that you remember your power lies in nourishing + tending to yourself + that a daily dedicated + devotional writing practice is a radical and defiant act of self-love. It’s where you’re able to trust in the ‘process’ as a place of alchemy + medicine making + recognise that the ‘process’ is as important, if not more important than the end result. (Even if that end-result is a book contract + thousands of book sales.)

I’ll share my own practices, I’ll share ritual and ceremonies, I'll share my own experiences of remembering my SHE voice to write bestselling books: Code Red, Love Your Lady Landscape + Witch + how very different it is from being a writer for hire. (Although I WILL share the top ten things I learnt as a writer-for-hire that now mean I can create without fear.)

Most importantly, we'll explore the act of writing as a spiritual practice of dedication + devotion to YOU.



SHE IS LIT : DEDICATION + DEVOTION LIVE WORKSHOP  (recorded + downloadable)  you are invited to join me as I share my insight on getting started, resistance and procrastination, how to describe the indescribable, telling our truth, discovering our SHE voice, how to deal with criticism and EVERYTHING in between.


SHE IS LIT : DEDICATION + DEVOTION LIVE CALL (recorded + downloadable) - a chance to ask any questions that come up during our time together.


SHE IS LIT : DEDICATION + DEVOTION DAILY SHE MAIL - we start our work together on the new moon in Taurus and you'll receive love notes daily direct to your inbox about how to use that specific moon phase, cosmic intel, writing prompts along with  advice and insight from some of my most favourite friends in the industry, to create a dedicated + devotional writing practice that makes you feel safe + that you love.


SHE IS LIT : DEDICATION + DEVOTION MEDICINE BUNDLE - meditation, movement, rituals + ceremony created + curated specifically to support the writing needs of the women in circle. 


SHE IS LIT : DEDICATION + DEVOTION CIRCLE  – a Facebook group (I’m trying to find an alternative way to gather in community + share online, but until I do, FB is it.) for us all to gather as women and share our insights + discoveries throughout our 28 days together. Don’t worry this isn’t a circle where you have to share or read your writing out loud (although you can if you want + it will be totally celebrated) it’s not a place to receive critique or where you’ll be told HOW to publish a book, either, although you can totally ask questions + I’ll share my experiences + insight with you.) It's a space to share the experience, ask questions + unpack any 'stuff' that unfolds for you in the process.



I'm an author (I've written 30+ books + yes, one of those was a Justin Bieber annual. G-friend had bills to pay, 'k?)

I'm an editor. (I've worked for HarperCollins, Penguin + Parragon)

I successfully self-publish. (I've sold over 10,000 copies of Code Red + over 5,000+ sets of the SASSY SHE Oracle

I successfully publish with traditional publishers HarperCollins, Penguin + Hay House

I'm also a SHE-led channel, guide + way-shower who's obsessed with making sure more women's voices + stories are supported as they starting fires + create revelations + revolutions in the publishing industry (and in the world.)





Registration will close at 4pm BST on Friday 13th April. When you register, know that I'm sending you a virtual high five + that I'll be dancing like that lady in the red dress emoji in anticipation of you joining me for 28 days of Dedication + Devotion. Three days before the new moon, I'll send you an email of love, preparation and ceremony ready for our SHE IS LIT Dedication + Devotion experience to begin on the 16th April. Hurrah.

As always, with all my 28 day circles, I make ten 1-to-1 sessions with me available at a heavily discounted price of £111. If you choose to book this option, know that you will be sent a link to my diary on the 16th April via email and will have 3 months in which to take your session.


Cart closes at 4pm on Friday 13 April. 

If you have any questions about SHE IS LIT :: DEDICATION + DEVOTION :: the online writing experience, email me at: