These are 1 hour fire-starter sessions for women who:

1. want to write on + through the fire.

2. want to provoke + evoke their readers to FEEL.

3. Are willing to let the writing process be a SHE-led quest of self-discovery.

I've been in the publishing industry for nearly two decades + I've been told on more than one occasion, 'there's too much of your personal story in this' or 'there's too much 'I', don't tell them a story, tell them what to do.'

I call BS.

I want to empower women to write books that share their story AND their medicine. I want the women reading them to recognise themselves in the words + emotions that are shared, and most importantly, realise that they can make their own freakin' medicine to purify, heal + thrive.
We don't need telling 'what' to do. 
We don't need yet another 'self-help' book designed to keep us broken. 
What we DO want is heart + womb deep truths, experiences shared, we want lessons that have been learned + we want the medicine. The bitter/sweet/messy/scary medicine.

In your SHE is Lit Sessions we will discuss your story, your book, where you're at in the process, identify your creative super powers + the challenges that may be holding you back + I will help you to cultivate a SHE-led plan of action that will make sure it becomes a real-life, beautiful book in the world.

These sessions are a great way to get really clear, to work out your next steps + to decide if you want to continue to work with me as you write, edit + publish your book. I'm feeling the call to gather women who want to write on fire, but don't worry, I won't take up our time in session talking about options, I'm not into hard sales, I'm into super-clear communication + heart connections with women. (So if you're interested in us working together, I'll send an email at the end of our call outlining ways we can do that - hurrah!) This session is all about you, your story + what you want to share in the world.


"Lisa created space for me to really HEAR how important my medicine is for the world. That all of our medicine is important and that our voices NEED to be heard. Now. I feel HUGE love for this truth. HUGE.

Working with Lisa - you get what you need. And you get what you receive. She is raw, real and rhythmical in her deliverance. I loved my experience of working with her and deeply honour her presence as a Mumma Transformer on this plane. Thank you."

- Dilara Pataudi



I'm an author (I've written 30+ books + yes, one of those was a Justin Bieber annual. G-friend had bills to pay, 'k?)
I'm an editor. (I've worked for HarperCollins, Penguin + Parragon)
I successfully self-publish. (I've sold over 10,000 copies of Code Red + over 5,000+ sets of the SASSY SHE Oracle
I publish with traditional publishers HarperCollins, Penguin + Hay House

I'm also a SHE-led channel + guide who's obsessed with making sure more women's voices + stories are fire starters, creating revelations + revolutions in the publishing industry (and in the world.)

So our sessions will be intuitive, SHE-led AND full of super-practical writing techniques + industry insight.

If you would like a 1 to 1 session (or a series of sessions), please email: and you will receive a diary link with availability along with a short questionnaire.

Single sessions are £250

You are welcome to record the session for you to refer back to + I'll send you a next step book birthing PDF.

"I have no doubt that that the women drawn to this will be on FIRE. I love how, as an editor, you strike the sweet spot of supporting but trusting simultaneously. This is such a gift to the world. I can’t wait to see what women birthday doing this process of SHE IS LIT. Phwoar!"

Lauren White