"Lisa, Thank you so so much for this. I'm still trying to digest everything you shared with me, it was so spot on and accurate.

So many aha moments, tears and light bulbs going off as I read your SHE report, it all just makes such perfect sense.

Thank you."

Ebaa Alawaj


It's a remote 60 minute sacred SHE connection. 
I pull three SASSY SHE oracle cards and I allow your specific SHE story to move through me. 
I connect with ancient temple codes and SHE medicine teachings to identify, purify and heal ancestral, past life + this life wounds that are potentially stopping you from being able to be in your wholeness and reclaim your power this lifetime. 

It's a direct connection from my womb to your womb space. (If don't have a womb, no worries at all. The womb space holds an energetic imprint of SHE power.)  

Now, if that makes absolutely NO sense to you, or if you're used to healing being medicine prescribed from a bottle, a nice massage or a reiki session (I used to be a super cynical journalist so I FEEL you!) but you KNOW you're feeling a disconnect from your body, you KNOW that there's waaaaay more to life than what you're currently experiencing + you KNOW you're here to shine bright (except the fear of being seen and heard is really bloody scary) then I invite you to experience a SHE medicine.

I spend a LOT of time at ancient sites in Avalon + in the Mediterranean - Mallorca + Malta - and have been gifted some pretty badass activations and energy medicine which I KNOW provides deep healing. 


You book a session.
You fill in a SHE consult + I receive it a week before the SHE healing takes place.
I pull cards, call in SHE, tune into your SHE story, your energy and what's moving through you.
I make a ton of notes in inky red pen. 
I ask for the 'technology' - movement, mantra, medicine + magic - for your specific healing.
I then proceed with the healing. (I feel a little bit like Dr Strange when I do it and I DEFFO had a few WTF? moments the first time I did it) but I have NO doubt that what comes through will initiate BIG shifts for you, it will activate an alchemical healing response in both your physical and etheric body, de-coding + recoding your system so that you can integrate ALL your parts, claim what's yours and let go of what isn't.

Once your 60 minute SHE Healing session has taken place, I create a SHE report in PDF form with a channeled reading as well as further SHE work/guidance.

Receiving a SHE healing will change you up. That's my job, I'm a catalyst for change. It will open your heart big and wide + it will give you the insight + tools you need to call back your power.

This is an absentee SHE healing + reading so can be done wherever you are in the world. 

When you book + pay for your session by clicking the button below, you'll receive confirmation of when your healing is taking place, some prep work + a SHE consult.
Please expect your SHE Healing to take place 2-6 weeks after payment is received + you'll receive your PDF + reading 72 hours after the session.




PLEASE NOTE: This is a distance healing so you will not be meeting with Lisa face-to-face. You will select the date + time for the healing to take place. Lisa will then email you when she is about to start so that you can get comfortable + ready to receive. She will then email you when the session is complete. You will receive your medicine in audio + PDF form within 24 hours afterwards.