I’m Lisa Lister, a menstrual maven + defender of female awesomeness dedicated to helping women crack their lady code – an ancient code connected directly to mumma nature, the moon and your menstrual cycle – that once cracked, gives you insta-access to monthly super powers that can be used to create a business and life you love.

I’m a qualified yoga teacher registered with the IYN, I’m a certified Curvy Yoga + Womb Yoga instructor - I LOVE yoga, I just found that it didn't always suit my experience as a woman, so through years of study - Ayurvedic, Shamanic, Yogic + Tantric - I devised SHE Flow Yoga, first + foremost for myself, but then, over time, it just felt too good NOT to share with you! I still most definitely still do shoulder stands + pull badass warrior 1 + 2, but now I know exactly in my menstrual or moon cycle when that feels like a good thing to do (there's generally a 2 day slot around ovulation, but if I'm honest, I'm usually doing WAY more delicious things at that time o' the month than standing on my head. #juicylovemaking #awesomeorgasms Just saying. ) I'm also a fertility + menstrual health mentor + massage therapist and a plus sized, tattooed + pierced woman in a size 18 body that I found big love for through the SHE Flow yoga practice.


"I don't do exercise, it is totally not my thing, but She Flow Yoga is different. Having previously attempted traditional yoga unsuccessfuly on previous occasions, I went along to class reluctantly at the suggestion from my GP (who told me to do some exercise) and a 'you really need to do this' comments from a friend. What I wasn't expecting was to fall absolutely in love with the movement practice and my body.

Not only do my joints now work as they're supposed to, but my whole attitude has changed. I voluntarily practice She Flow Yoga on a regular basis and on the days I don’t, I really miss it. It’s a beautiful combination of spiritual practice and free flow movement that treats you from the inside out" Rachel Patterson, author of Moon Magic and co-founder of Kitchen Witch

You don’t have to be a skinny minny to do yoga AND it can help with your periods too - who knew? I was pretty much a novice when I took Lisa's She Flow yoga class and not only did I enjoy it, I loved it, I met other fabulous + friendly women and I've been able to use the techniques and really woman-friendly movement practice as part of my own menstrual self care process each month. You will love SHE Flow!" Donna Carter

"I love SHE Flow yoga because it's tailored to my body and if I can't do a move-no biggie - I just work with what I’ve got and what feels good. It honours and understands a woman's cycle - so no inversions and head rushes when it's "that time of the month” - it’s body positive, women positive, it’s spiritual and Lisa will make you laugh a lot too, all in all an amazing yoga practice that I can't recommend enough!” Corinne Jones

SHE FLOW YOGA: An online introduction to a fierce + feminine, moon + menstrual cycle-led yoga practice.

(To watch me talking about what SHE Flow Yoga actually is and to see me shake my hips like Shakira, view my youtube video HERE)

Now, I LOVE yoga, but the more I practiced, the more I realised that:

  • No matter how much I tried to get my body into certain poses and postures, it just didn’t happen (or if it did, it felt really uncomfy and it most definitely wasn’t pleasurable and that made me feel shitty about myself.)
  • When I was menstruating, my body didn’t want to be pulling big-ass warriors, it wanted to be near mumma earth in baby pose (but I didn’t want my teacher to think I was weak so I’d ignore my body, pull the necessary shapes and then feel shitty about myself.)
  • When I was in savasana my substantially bountiful bum meant that it was NOT the comfy pose that everyone told me it should be. (This made me feel shitty about myself.)
  • When I was told to hold a pose and ‘tuck my tail bone under’ my tail bone wouldn’t go under and all I ACTUALLY wanted to do was move my hips like Shakira. (Except I held the pose, and…you get the picture, right?)
  • Which is why I combined my love of yoga, burlesque and belly dancing with Shamanic, Tantric and Ayurvedic practices to create:


This IS yo’ mumma’s yoga.

It’s the yoga of SHE, of Shakti Ma, delicious and divine, fierce and feminine movement that is moon and menstrual cycle-led, that takes into account you have boobs, bums, hips and bellies and allows you to connect fully with your body and to trust that it will let you know exactly what movement it wants and needs. It’s inviting, fun, nourishing and both hip and heart opening. Poses don’t need to be held for hours, no crazy pretzel shape-pulling is required and fancy lycra yoga pants from Lululemon are not necessary, I promise. In fact, SHE Flow Yoga is best done in your favourite pair o’ PJ’s or a pair of leggings and SHE Flow Yogini Tee - if you haven’t got yours yet you can order it HERE – it’s not necessary to the practice, but they do make you feel significantly more badass when you wear it. Fact.)

So much of what we know and experience yoga to be in the western world is asana-based, structured movement that’s been created with dude-kind in mind, yet it’s predominantly practiced by women, which is why for so many of us, when we can’t get ourselves into one of the pretzel-like positions and hold it for 30 minutes it can acts as yet another ‘I’m not good enough’ stick for us to beat ourselves with. (And Jeez Louise, we don’t need an extra one of those!) This is why I’m inviting you to join me for:


A four week introduction to a fierce and feminine practice where you:

  • Connect with your SHE power - your direct connection with the Big SHE, the great mumma, Shakti Ma – FYI: that is quite the power source
  • Work completely in tune with your experience of being a woman
  • Nourish vital feminine centres, release tension from your body (especially the ovaries and kidneys) and connect to your pleasure and sensuality. Y’know, the GOOD stuff.
  • Honour the wisdom of your own body, and don’t simply follow instructions that disrespect it’s shape and rhythm
  • Rediscover and most importantly, trust what you know already through delicious and divine movement
  • Eat chocolate – because cacao is the most incredibly powerful and potent female plant teacher there is. (and it tastes yum. Obvz.)
  • Yep, rather then becoming fixated on a particular routine, I encourage you to check in with yourself at the start of each session – physically, energetically, emotionally - how are you feeling right in this moment? Where are you at in your menstrual cycle? Where is the moon at? (I’m a moon and astro geek so if you don’t know, I always will!) I willthen guide you through a range of possibilities your body might like to find itself in + then I ask you to get free, and to follow your  own intuitive guidance.

This delicious SHE Flow practice invites you to trust that whatever you choose will be the exact and perfect response to where you are right now. It will nourish and energise you and most importantly, it will feel really, really good.


We won’t put our legs behind our ears, but we will build strength and flexibility through nourishing movement that works with your body’s needs and rhythms. It will encourage you to discover, through movement, breath + Radical Rest yoga nidra, your SHE medicine – your reason for being here, your purpose, your sankalpa. It unlocks emotions and brings you into communion with your body as well as calling you, through ritual, magic and moon and menstrual cycle awareness, to write a new story.

A story in which:

  • You no longer hate on your body and allow yourself to be manipulated by society's view of what being a woman should look and feel like, and instead, trust that all the answers you need are inside of you
  • You know that you CAN love the body you’re in even if it doesn’t look like the one on the cover of a magazine
  • Create a way of life where you care less about how you and the practice and life itself LOOKS and care much more deeply about how it all FEELS. FYI: If you let it, it can feel SO bloody good.


It’s for women who:

  • Want to try yoga, but get intimidated by classroom environments (I hear you, sister! Each practice can be downloadable onto your phone + tablet, so you can do it in your living room, garden or take it with you on holibobs too)
  • Have a yoga practice already but want to add SHE Flow to the mix
  • Have wanted to try SHE Flow yoga but can’t make it to a class
  • Experience fertility and menstrual health issues and want a breathing and movement practice that completely nourishes them in each phase of the cycle
  • Are short of time and need an effective, enjoyable and easy to follow movement practice that fits into their daily routine
  • Want to explore what it means to be a woman through tantric, shamanic and yogic –based breathing + movement practices


  • You’re looking for a purely asana-based practice
  • You want to learn how to pull the crazy poses that the instagram yoginis pull. I care very much about your safety so I WILL teach you form and positioning, but how it is for your body will be very different to how it for mine, by the end o' summer school, I want you to trust yourself enough to find what FEELS good for your body, not what LOOKS good.
  • You want super-slick locale shots of me wearing white and being all ethereal looking (filming has been done on a pebbly beach in the UK, in my house, in my back garden and the upstairs space of my favourite metaphysical store.


Four moon + menstrual-led sessions that will each include:

  •  An intro to the practice.
  •  A ‘I’m-short-of-time-but-want-to-move-my-body’ 10 minute She FLOW practice.
  •  A deep and delicious 20 minute She FLOW practice that will help you to feel connected, centred, strong + vital. This is the GOOD stuff.
  •  A SHE Flow Radical Rest yoga nidra mp3.
  • An additional mudra, mantra, marma + magic video to accompany each practice - where I share rituals, chants, marma massage and yoga for your hands that can be added to your practice to enhance your SHE flow experience.

You will also receive:

  • An introduction to SHE Flow.
  •  A how to set up your space guide.
  • A  sampler of my book Code Red, giving you insight into how the seasons, moon and your menstrual cycles are connected and how you can chart them to help you understand your cyclic nature as a woman and create a bloody brilliant life.
  • A Moon Magic sampler by author and SHE Flow Yogini, Rachel Patterson to help you understand the phases of the moon and the energies in each phase
  • Wake + Shake your Shakti videos – short instructional videos to show you how to use shamanic and yogic movement to invite the great SHE, Shakti ma, to wake + shake inside you - these are key components of every SHE Flow Yoga class and also gives me an excuse to put Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off on the playlist. (Not that I EVER need an excuse to put Taylor Swift on a playlist.)
  • AND you will receive an invitation to a private Facebook community - a circle in which you can gather, ask questions and share experiences both on and off the mat.

Register and receive:

4 x 10 minute 'I'm-short-of-time-but-want-to-move-my-body' SHE Flow practices.
4 x deep + delicious 20 minute SHE Flow practices.
4 x Radical Rest Yoga Nidra MP3.
4 x mudra, mantra, marma and magic videos Bonus Wake and Shake yo' Shakti videos and Breathing: The basics worth over £150 Invitation to the SHE Flow Yoga circle.

+ a facebook community to gather, ask questions and share experiences on and off the mat.



How is the course delivered?
The minute you sign up, you will receive log in details + access to SHE FLOW YOGA: The Essentials - everything is stored on an online platform which you have lifetime access to.

How long do I have access to the course for?
All the material is fully downloadable and yours to keep forever.

Is there a community element to this course?
ALWAYS. I love nothing more. Once you sign up, you can request to be added to the Facebook group where you can ask questions, share assignments, insights, tips and tricks.  I will also be checking in on the group daily to witness your progress and cheer you on!

You mentioned menstrual cycles, I no longer bleed, does this mean I can't do SHE FLOW YOGA?
SHE Flow Yoga is for EVERY body. I mention menstrual cycles because they're so often ignored in yoga classes which can really effect how women experience a yoga class, but if you no longer have a womb, have had a hysterectomy, are peri-menopausal or have reached menopause - this practice is super-nourishing + will help you to connect with each + every cycle you experience as a woman - it's powerful stuff!

If I am new to yoga is SHE FLOW YOGA  right for me?
Absolutely.  SHE FLOW YOGA is for EVERY woman. Zero experience is needed. Hurrah.

What if I’m not flexible enough?
You ARE enough. Simply come as you are. SHE Flow Yoga is for women of ALL shapes, sizes, ages and abilities.  In fact, it’s for any member o’ lady-kind who wants to know and understand her SHE power, feel her fire, wake up to herself and fall in heart-thump-y love with her divine goddess-given body. (Psst, if falling in love with your body feels like a really big deal, we can simply start with ‘like’, yeah?)

But I find the idea of yoga really intimidating…
I hear you. So do I! I’m a size 18/20 and have been practicing yoga for seven years now + I still get super-intimidated by the bendy-wendy, pretzel-shape pulling yoga-types. The good news is SHE Flow Yoga is NOT about pulling the best shapes and seeing who can hold them the longest amount o’ time, it’s a nourishing, fiercely feminine practice, so while there’s a chance I will make you sweat, all guidance will be appropriate for your body.

What is the refund policy on SHE Flow Yoga: The Essentials?
Since this is a digital product that can be downloaded and viewed there are no refunds, however I am 100% confident that SHE Fl6767ow Yoga will rock your world!  I can’t wait to jump in and get started!