So, from the get-go, you need to know that this is NOT your normal book editing service.

I’ve been a freelance editor + writer for nearly two decades now, working on magazines titles, with publishing houses - Penguin, HaperCollins + O Books - and 1-to-1 with authors, and the part that I believe REALLY matters, the part where the manuscript goes from a ‘good idea’ to ‘shit, this is a-freakin’-mazing’, happens when the author receives professional feedback and is supported + encouraged to divine, discover and intuit what is needed in order to dig deeper, to strengthen the material, the story + the subject matter and expedite the magic as well as the revision process.

Essentially it is idea doula-ing, magic and professional editorial development.

For so long women’s voices have been silenced, censored + shh-ed. I have been told on more than one occasion that there is too much ‘I’ in my work + yet, we need the stories and the experiences of women, ALL the women, so we can see our own stories and experiences reflected back at us. 

It’s my passion to support + guide women to be the fullest expression of themselves - in real-time AND in the pages of their book.


“…Working with Lisa directly throughout the birthing of Permission gave me the most beautiful anchor my work and message could ever ask for. 
I felt so safe and held as Lisa provided the most timely feedback and prompts that allowed for new concepts to bloom making the final edit as beautiful as it is. 
If you are looking for an editor that knows how to walk the fine line of sharing expertise whilst allowing you to feel empowered and sovereign, Lisa is her. 
Myself and my work are changed for the better after this potent (and medicinal) journey through book writing. 
I can't wait to do it again…”

- Lauren White, author of Permission - Personal liberation for switched-on women

"Lisa was a pleasure to work with editing my 3rd book, Dear Poppyseed. 
She’s professional, charming and knows her stuff. 
My first really good experience with an editor who sets the bar high." 

- Alice Grist - Dear Poppyseed: A Soulful Momma's Pregnancy Journal


If I’m on your team, I’m ALL IN. 

Which is why I don’t take on too many clients throughout the year. Also, I’m not one of those editors who can edit ANYTHING. So if the subject matter or the style of writing doesn’t light me up, it’s not going to work. It’s not you, it’s definitely me. 

With that in mind, I love both fiction + non-fiction and what I don’t dig is crime, suspense, thrillers - I edited a thriller once, and it was so good, that I still lose sleep thinking about it. I like sleep, I don’t like thrillers. Everything else? I’m open.

My area of expertise are: contemporary women’s fiction, personal development, memoir, sex and relationships, women’s health + wellness,

If you’d like for us to work with each other, you’ll have completed your manuscript.

It doesn’t have to be perfect - that’s why we’re going to work together, right? - but you will have reached a place of completion. Ideally, you would have given it a little space to breathe, had a read through with fresh eyes and don’t altogether hate what’s in front of you. That’s a great place for us to begin our work together. 

If you’re at this point, high bloody fives. 

Lots of people talk a good talk, but very few complete an entire manuscript so give yourself a pat on the back, or a cake, or both and then, when you’re ready, please fill in the short form below + email the first three chapters of your manuscript to and I will get back to you  with availability and costings depending on the word count and what you require.

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