Are you writing a book? 
High fives + deep bows.
That's the hard bit done.

Now, the next step is to make it as readable and as sell-able as you possibly can. If you're self-publishing, this is an absolute, non-negotiable necessity. You may not have the marketing budget of a big publishing house, but your book can still have exactly the same impact if you invest in the editing process. The average person buys five books a year so you NEED to make sure your book is one of them. 
FYI: I’m clearly  NOT the average person, I’ve been known to buy five books in a day!

As your editor, I will work with you to make sure your book is an attractive proposition to agents, publishers and your potential readership.

I will ask you to provide a complete manuscript in a word document via email. I will provide a full red-pen style editorial service consisting of both copy-editing and content development via the word 'track changes' system. 
While I’m not the Simon Cowell of book editing, I WILL be honest and truthful. If I think your book/novel is 'beyond saving,' I’ll say so. I want you to succeed.  
I'll then return the edited manuscript to you.

Once you’ve made any changes/additions to the manuscript, you’ll send it back to me and I will provide you with a fully-edited, spell-checked ‘send to print’ manuscript - awesome, huh?


  • Over 19 years experience in the Publishing and PR industry.
  • Freelance editor who has worked on titles for Penguin, Parragon, HarperCollins, O Books.
  • Written for, and edited magazines both here and in the US.
  • I have written the 10 book Lola Love series of self-esteem books for teen girls published by HarperCollins.
  • Written over 18 books as a writer-for-hire ranging from children’s fiction and annuals to self-help and personal development books.
  • Self-published the book Code Red that has sold over 10,000 copies.
  • I'm an author myself, having recently written best selling books Love Your Lady Landscape + WITCH for Hay House.

To hire me as your editor, contact me below with your book title, an outline + estimated word count + copy + paste a sample chapter into the email + I will respond within 2 weeks.

If you have any questions to ask me (and you absolutely should before handing your book over to an editor) I'll be happy to answer them. 

Lisa is fully booked until December 2018. If you'd like to book her for the new year, send an email, along with a short excerpt of the book to: