SHE Ceremony

Ritual, rites and ceremony. It's how I re-member and re-connect with SHE, with myself, with my female force as a power source.

There was a time when we revered the whole female experience as sacred, we'd celebrate our initiation into menarche, motherhood, wildness and crone-dom with rites, song, movement, food and prayer. In the past 3000+ years, these rites and rituals have been lost (burned/silenced/drowned) and along with them, our sense of who we really are.

SHE ceremony is an invitation for us to go deep and together create bespoke personal ceremony and life-altering/affirming ritual that will recognise, honour and bring you into deep reverence for your current situation and experience. 

You may want to create SHE ceremony if you:

  • Need to let go of your attachment to an old lover so you can let call in your forever love.
  • Want to give yourself the initiation you never received at important times in your life - menarche, motherhood.
  • Have experienced a miscarriage and want to find a way to love your womb and honour the soul that chose you.
  • Feel like you had a less than brilliant experience as you entered menarche, or gave birth, or menopause was difficult for you and you want to put that right.
  • Have come off the pill and want to clear your womb and body energetically.
  • Want to bless your business or home.
  • Had your womb and/or ovaries removed and want to heal and honour the space. (We can also create an energetic womb imprint too if that feels good.)

How it works:

I'll send you a SHE consult. You'll fill it in (this helps stir the cauldron + brings what needs attention to the surface to be seen and healed) and then you send it back.

We'll then make a date to meet via Skype and we'll come into communion - you, me and SHE. 

Together we'll create a personalised ceremony, ritual and practice infused with specific-to-you SHE medicine. 

All you have to do is show up, bring a warm blanket or shawl and a big open heart to receive.

Each session is typically 2 hours long and you'll receive a recording 24 hours later.

Lisa is currently fully booked until mid-September. Sign up to her SHE Mail if you want to be notified when new places open up.