I am sending you so much love, deep bows o' gratitude and hot pink lipstick kisses for buying The SASSY SHE oracle - you are made o' awesome. I urge you to make the cards your own. What does each SASSY SHE say to you? Write it down. Create your own SASSY SHE guide. Let them take you by the hand and lead you on a fierce-ass, rose petalled love trail home to your sweet, sweet self.

BUT...I have written a downloadable guide, you’ll find interpretations, ways to divinate, mantras and heart-riff prompts to take to your journal. These ladies o' awesome had a LOT to share - truth bombs, insight and sometimes, tough love too. It's all here...simply click on the link below to download your copy...


The SASSY SHE Oracle ebook


PS: Come over and join the facebook group. I'll be pulling a card each monday and sharing my insight, we'll talk all things SASSY SHE, basically, it'll be like a kick-ass lady-kind circle... come join the SASSY SHE oracle circle!