"To say Lisa Lister changed my life sounds a bit dramatic, but it’s totally true. Lisa's work connected me to a power within myself I didn’t even know I had lost or was missing, and in doing so not only put me on the right path but deepened all of my connection to the powers around me too. I firmly believe every woman in the world would benefit from getting in touch with everything she teaches. 

Alongside the content of the work that she does, and the warm, genuine and supportive way in which she shares it, I also love the environment that Lisa creates for the women she works with; I’ve met so many wonderful women through courses with Lisa and the work that is done within those circles is pure She-powered magic. 

I love Lisa. I love her authenticity, her fierceness, her power and her courage to speak her truth, even when that gets scary. And I love the impact she has on the world as a result."



Ceryn Rowntree




Christiane Northrup, MD

Author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and Goddesses Never Age.

"Love Your Lady Landscape is the new path. There are no maps. But there are clues. And Lisa will show you how to recognize them. This book is the medicine we have ALL been waiting for. For centuries. We don’t need more diatribes on what is wrong. We already know. It’s time to return to the only well that will slack our thirst. To our true source of power. The one we’ve all been encouraged to forget. And even defile. Because our true power lies in the very places we’ve been told to be most afraid of. Lisa like me, has very big ovaries. And a huge heart to match. You need these when you’re working for the goddess. Cause this work is not for the faint of heart.I am thrilled to pass the torch to her."

"Lisa Lister is momma earth in human form, unapologetically human whilst doing the work of Mary Magdalene ain’t an easy feat but she does it…She IS it.

The work Lisa Lister is doing will go down in history, it changed my life deeply. She reawoke the powerful woman inside of me."


Ella Grace Denton



Alisa Vitti

Hormonal Health Expert and Author of WomanCode.

"Lisa Lister is sounding the call for you to heal your cycle, accept your ever changing body, and honor your feminine soul. This is the essential foundation and practice for you to get in your ‘FLO’ and  become the powerful force of nature that you are designed to be!”

"There's nothing more holy than being courageous enough to enter the temple inside you. Once there, once fully embodied, your truth is loud and clear, and so are your real desires. Once there, you remember that the body is the soul's chance to be here. You remember your inherent worth, and you remember that you are sacred simply because you are female. With crackling wit, and wise, practical guidance, Lisa Lister reminds us that our bodies are not the problem, but rather the goal. She reminds us that being spiritual has everything to do with loving every inch of who we are, blood, body, and soul."


 Meggan Watterson

Author of REVEAL & How To Love Yourself (And Sometimes Other People)



Farah Oaths


"Lisa is an incredibly special teacher and woman. The best kind. One that facilitates a deep connection back to your own strength and power and guides you in a gentle yet fierce, loving way. 

I was struggling with anxiety which caused depression, I felt too weak and exhausted to even consider showing up to what Lisa was offering. I was scared of my own mind and thoughts, panic attacks came out of nowhere and I felt I had completely lost control of myself. Lisa encouraged me through gentle, yet deeply profound practices to remember the power I have, and with her help, I connected so deeply back to myself that for the first time in my life my mind does not run the show, my thoughts do not rule me. The peace I now feel through Lisa’s healing is so intense it brings me to tears many times. If there’s one person you can go to to transform and heal in the most incredible way - Lisa is your woman! "


“Finally someone is writing about the female body, our cycles and our feminine emotional landscapes with wisdom and humor.

Lisa Lister brings passion, reality and comprehension to the divine feminine and is making it her mission to educate and create a dialogue that empowers and elevates women to become the modern goddesses we truly are.

Every woman needs to read Love Your Lady Landscape and take back what has been so lost lost in today's culture. The wisdom of women is for each of us to own and this book is an invitation to that wisdom.”


Carrie-Anne Moss

Actress and Founder of Annapurnaliving.com


Maija Liepins



"When you’re in circle with Lisa Lister she holds space for all your parts and speaks with the voice of SHE in such a way that transformation happens. Deep self love, the fierce ovary deep kind. Psychic awakening with which you can traverse the Dreamtime, the soul sourced, divinely connected kind. Self knowledge that feels solid enough to stand on and speak from, the deeply rooted in your truth kind. Whatever dormant witchy woman power you wish to activate in order to self realize your true self, Lisa is a powerful sister to be in circle with while you do it. Her wisdom and word medicine imbues her books, circles and card readings with a soul stirring activation of goddess energy so you may know her too. The SHE that is you, the SHE that is her."