The SHE Sessions are 60 minute deep-dives for women who want to talk-it-over. It's that simple.
No agenda.
No plan.
Just fierce devotion and dedication to you and your current SHE 'Scape.


Are you writing a book?
High fives and deep bows. That's the hard bit done.
Now, the next step is to make it as readable and as sell-able as you possibly can. If you're self-publishing, this is an absolute, non-negotiable necessity.


If you dig my love of colour and felt tip pens, good news, I’m taking commissions for custom SHE Oracles.

Yep, YOU, in art form, as a SASSY SHE Oracle card, with your own SHE story + guidance for life.


Women tell stories, it’s what we’ve always done, it’s our way of saying who we are, where we’ve come from, what we know, what we’re doing and where we’re going, but for a long, long time our stories have been repressed, hidden, not heard.
Which is why I’m so obsessed about women writing, telling and sharing their story.