Think Pink

Think Pink is the essential go-for-it guide for girls, packed full of Lola’s advice on everything from how to feel great about your body and your personality to keeping your friendships fun and the boy-types in their rightful place. With her upbeat, encouraging and inspiring advice she turns the negatives into positives and shows that the right attitude and self-belief can get you anything you want.

A recent magazine survey found that 94% of girls have low self-esteem – you’re not alone! – so there’s never been a better time to Think Pink!

This book will be the start of a whole life make-over. You’ll make new friends, explore new things to do, make plans for the future and learn exactly how to keep control of those boy-types (the good and the bad ones). Before you know it, you’ll be feisty, fun, fearless and fabulous, celebrating everything good about your life!

Through Think Pink, and subsequent books in the series, you’ll discover the world of Lola Love and her sassy pink ladies – Bella, Sadie and Angel. Great company and full of advice, they are a team you can depend on whatever the weather.

With loads of questionnaires, quizzes, fun things to do and straight-talking advice, Lola Love will have you ship-shape in no-time – feeling good, dreaming big, being inspired by everything around you, and living life to the full!

“With plenty of laughs along the way, this cute book aims to help girls deal with all their worries.” Daily Express Saturday

“A total must-read!” Mizz

“How have we managed to go so long without this book?!” It’s Hot

“Think Pink truly is the ultimate go-for-it guide for girls!” The Book Bag

“This book is nothing short of a miracle… Be smart and Think Pink!” From Bump to Grump


The essential go-for-it guide to feeling dazzlingly beauty*licious! Self-professed self-esteem queen, Lola Love, is back with the delicious Pink Ladies in their sparkly new quest to show you how to look great, think great and feel great. This style bible is bursting with beauty tips and ideas on how to make the very best out of your own style and will give you great ideas on how to stay happy and healthy without having to resort to fad diets or unhealthy eating regimes.

Beauty*Licious is an absolute must-have for anyone who wants to be fun, feisty, fearless and fabulous on a daily basis!

“A brilliant beauty bible.” Top of the Pops Magazine

“A welcome breath of fresh air in this [size] zero-obsessed age, it’s a super and sensible guide which girls will go ga-ga over.” Liverpool Evening Echo

It’s a Girl Thing

Got some questions about ladybumps? Are you pondering pimples? Perplexed by periods? And just what are the boy types going through right now?

Lola Love and her Pink Ladies are here to help. All the answers to all the questions you’ve always been too worried to ask are here in this fun guide to being a girl.

Packed with cool illustrations and helpful, friendly advice on how to cope with just about anything, Lola is a girl’s best friend. Just remember, it might not always be easy, but being a girl rocks!

Viva La Diva

So, it might be totally rude that a limo doesn’t come to collect you for school every day and that Zac Efron isn’t pestering you with phone calls 24/7 but that is no excuse not to live life like a total diva! And not a “hissy fit throwing singing star, a real life oh-my-stars-isn’t-she-amazing? wonder-type woman!

Lola and her friends, The Pink Ladies, show you how to live the luxe life, without being a Hollywood celeb (LA is totally overrated). After all, no one is going to start treating you like a goddess until you start acting like one!

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