Self-Source - RY

Sunday 26 May 10:30 - 12:00

An invitation through ritual, movement and conversation to work with the cyclic experience - the rhythmic intelligence of the moon, mama nature, your body and the cosmos - as a way to re-source and nourish yourself.

Because the Sorceress, as Lisa speaks of in her book 'Witch', knows that to self-source - to tend to your needs, wants and desires in a world where women are taught that being top of their own priority list is selfish and indulgent - is actually really bloody radical.

Workshop tickets only £15.00



I love to talk, teach + share

I talk, teach and share in workshops and on retreat.
I share ritual and ceremony at sacred sites.
I dive deep into how to crack your own code using moon + menstrual cycles.
I’m passionate (some would say geeky) about supporting women as they navigate these ‘interesting’ times + love riffing on feminine archetypes, SHE power, lady landscapes, how to care for 'down there' and all things witch. 

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