Writer-girl Wednesday: Write a book, build your brand

Have you been talking about writing a book for a whole lot of forever? Are you a heart-led entrepreneur who has a BIG message to share with the world? What's stopping you from being a book-writing, action-taking Annie? Not enough time? No ideas? Too many ideas? Not sure how to turn it for an idea in your head to an actual book?

Whatever you THINK is stopping you from making your idea an ACTUAL hold-in-your-hand book o' wonder, I've got 3, because well...y'know, 3 IS the magick number and all, reasons why as a rockin' + rulin' business woman you need to Write The Freakin' Book...NOW.

Oh, and just so you know,  you'll never FIND the time to write your book - there's no magick amount o' extra hours that are designated specifically for writer-girls, you have to actually commit to action and MAKE the time. How? Do you watch TV? If you switched off your favourite soap opera and wrote for that half hour each night, you'd have a book in 3 months. Wake up at 7? Set your alarm for 6 to fit in an early morning smooch date with your book. If you REALLY want to write a book, you'll make the time.

1. Now, personally, I am ALL about the book writing process, I LOVE it, but the end result? That book in your hand? Well, that's the stuff o' dreams. Not only is it a chance to share your story with the world, spread your BIG message and help others, if you're an entrepreneur, having a real, hold-in-your-hand book will add all kinds o' value to your business. Sure, there's a chance you'll make some moolah  in up-front sales, however it's the back end where the real money magick happens. Potential clients get a real insight into you and your work, if people dig you, they'll want to work with you, buy your products and most importantly, they'll want to share your awesomeness with their friends and networks.

2. Having a real-hold-in-your hand book is proof that you're an expert. That you're the ABSOLUTE  go-to girl. Writing the Lola Love series, led to me being hailed as THE self-esteem queen by Sugar magazine, and appearing on the radio and on live TV advocating positive body image for teen girls. I made valuable connections, some of which have now created some rather awesome opportunities in my new adventure writing SASSY books for grown-up girls, but I might have completely missed out on these connections and opportunties if I was NOT a published author.

3. As a published author-girl, not only do you get to share your awesome message with the world and reach far more people than you ever could without it, you'll get to exposure yourself - swit swooo! - you'll get to create a media buzz for you and your brand, speaking opportunities and best of all, every person who buys/touches/reads about your book is a potential customer for your products or services. The love stuff will continue to flow - cool, huh?

So, what are you waiting for?

If you're fully committed and want to Write The Freaking Book now, work with me and you could have a published book in your hand by Christmas!

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