Writer-girl Wednesday: Why you NEED an editor

As a writer, author, editor and publisher, it would be rude and wrong not to give fellow writer-girls inspir-o and insight  on all things word-y, so from this day forward, Wednesdays will be forever known as - cue cheesy voice-over man -  Writer-girl Wednesdays...Ta da. This week: Why editors rock.

Yes, I am one, so I am most definitely biased, but as an author-girl too, I know how significantly more awesome my work is when it's been edited by well, y'know...an editor. 

It's never been easier to share your words with the world, you can self-publish an e-book and sell it on Amazon in less than hour, but for those words to really have an impact, for you to share your best words with the world, you absolutely, postiviely NEED an editor.

Why do editors rock? Let me count the ways...

A kick-ass editor will:

Put you in the hot seat and quiz the arse off you. They'll want to know more. Always. Why does your character do this? Does this scene actually work in this chapter? Why would that character do that? The more questions your editor asks of you the better.

Read the lines you've written, then read between them too. Basically, they 'get it'. And when your editor 'gets it'? That's when the magic happens, baby.

Quickly figure out what you rock out at as a writer and then STRONGLY encourage you to do more of it throughout your work.

Know what works. Trust. They also know what doesn't work too. Again, Trust.  As a writer it can be hard to to cut what you've written, you become attached to every word, theory and thought, right? Editors? They freakin' love to cut. They can see what is, and isn't needed and how it can get tighter, sharper and have more impact. It's the super-power of editors.

Not impose their own style on your work, but WILL help you to hone yours.

Know when you need to fill me up, buttercup. They are killer at finding the juicy spots that need fleshing out.

So, if you've finished a complete draft of your book, and have an idea of what you’d like to do with it - self-publish, get an agent, enter writing competitions, send it to publishers - run, don't walk to find yourself an editor who will look at the bigger picture and share your vision for your work.

I am a geek-girl for words on a page, I get hot for the juicy stuff that happens when you work with an author to make their good idea a  freaking awesome book - if you want to work with me, click through to Editrix at your service.

Each week, I'll share something wise and insightful about the writer-girl process whether it's blogging, how to start your book, how to finish your book, how to self-publish, how to write words that matter - if you have any specific topic about word writing/book writing/ magazine writing/publishing you'd like me to cover in a Writer Girl Wednesday post, holler me up at: lisa@sassyology.com