Writer-girl Wednesday: weddings, the end o' the world and 30 day deadlines

So, you know that the beautiful Viking beau and I are getting handfasted next May? You didn't? We are, and we're beside ourself with excitement about our rockabilly/saxon event o' awesome! Except, since the recent news about my mumma, we want to make sure that she gets to see us get married, so we've moved the 'paper-signing official bit that means I get to call myself Mrs Lister' - my not-so-catchy title for the event - to yule, that's the 21st December, which we've both just realised is in 30 FREAKIN' DAYS! If you told me earlier this year that I'd be organising a wedding/paper-signing event in 30 days, I'd have laughed in yo' face, but it turns out I am, and it turns out that when you do, you really work out pretty quickly what's important and what's not. For example, the fact I get to commit to the man I love and adore becomes FAR more important than what I'm wearing, the idea of carving a day out during the hectic festive season to spend with our very closest loved ones to celebrate well...all things love, is far more life-enhancing than stressing what decorations are on the table.

Deadlines bring focus and clarity. Fact.

A deadline allow us to work out what's really needed, what's actually important, it takes a substantial bite out o' the ass of procrastination, identifies obstacles we've previously let get in our way, and simply give us one option...

Do the freakin' work.

I used to hate deadlines, which is kinda ironic what with me now being a writer and journo-girl, and I've still been known to be writing a feature an hour before it's due date, but seriously, there is nothing like a deadline to kick yo' ass and get shit done. Setting yourself a deadline can really help you get laser-clear about ANY project in your life. In my You+me+book badass-ery sessions, I work with writer-girls for 90 minutes and at the end of our session, we've got a you-nique to them pink-print for their book - structure, chapter outline and plan of action as to how they're going to make it happen. So, while NaNoWriMo gives writer-types a deadline of 30 days to get a shitty first draft of their book written and I've got 30 days to plan the 'paper-signing official bit that means I get to call myself Mrs Lister' event, I thought it might be fun for us all to set a 30 day deadline to make something we've been wanting to happen, but well..y'know, just haven't got round to, happen.

Also the 21st December, according to the Mayans is meant to be the end of the world, so what better deadline is there than that? If the world WAS going to end on the 21st December, what would you want to have achieved? Maybe you want to travel, climb a mountain, go on a date to Paris with yourself, give to charity, dance naked in the rain, sing on stage, write a book, whatever you want to make happen, don't wait 'til January 1st to make this happen - do it in the next 30 days - I dare you!

Now, this might just be an act of selfish-osity - totes a word - if I'm going to work to a deadline for the next 30 days, then I'd really be much happier if I knew that you were too, or, and I'd like to think this is really the reason, it's the most perfect-o opportunity to prove that even in this super-busy time o' year, you can make awesome shit happen, get crystal clear about something you've been procrastinating on, and show up for 30 days - what do you say? Are you in?

Make your 30 day declaration right now!