Writer-girl Wednesday: The SASSY book launch

Book launches are funny things. I've been to a few and well...y'know, they were a li'l dry. Which is why, when I decided to combine the launch of SASSY with the book signing at Waterstones, Above Bar in Southampton, I figured it was going to need a substantial amount o' SASSY-fication.

Yep, there were cupcakes made my best friend Aimee, pink fizz bought and collected by that gorgeous Viking beau o' mine and my gorgeous Art of Motion Burlesque troupe. Add a hefty pinch of people you love and dig, mix with gorgeous girls who will potentially love your book and that, my friends, is how to make a book launch significantly SASSY.

Next week I'll be writing a super-practical feature about how to organise a kick-ass book launch, why they're important and how to deal when books don't arrive/nobody turns up/the manager doesn't approve of dancing girls. FYI: Two out o' those three things happened to me - but right now, I am still filled to the brim with emo about a book store filled with the people I love, burly girls and my pink book o' wonder, so yep, if you haven't already guessed, this is one of those completely indulgent posts where I gush about how truly freakin' awesome the book launch for SASSY: the Go-for-it Girl's Guide to Becoming Mistress of Your Destiny was, because well, it's my book, and it bloody well was.







For more pictures of the day o' pink fabulousness, check out the pix taken by my gorgeous gal-pal and the super-talented photographer, Wend Carter, put into a rather spangly video by that hot viking beau o' mine...