Writer-girl Wednesday: Tell Your Truth

On Sunday morning, before yoga class, I got up early and on a recommendation from a g-friend, started to read Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On it. Now, you could shoot me a title of any self help book published in the last 10 years and the chances are, I've read it.

I'm either a super-sucker for a gazillion pound industry, or a seeker o' truths and delicious ways to make her time here on earth as juicy as possible. I prefer the latter, but have been accused of the former on more than one occasion. Whatevz.

So, I am an all singing, all dancing advocate o' self-love. In fact, some say it's my thing. Except sometimes, I forget. Sometimes I coast, and sometimes I monumentally suck at loving myself, throw myself a huge-ass pity party, and eat a family size chocolate bar.

That's why I dig on Kamal Ravikant. He had it all, and then he broke. That's not why I dig him, the reason I think Kamal is the hugest slice o' awesome pie is because as a suited business dude in Silicon Valley, he forced himself to find a way out through the not very business-y, not seen as very manly act of self-love.

The dude loved himself like his life depended on it. He stopped grabbing for the super-shiny things and slowly, but consistently, started to love himself.

How he did this was super-simple and, since reading his book on Sunday morning, I've been using his techniques, and do you know what? My life has become SIGNIFICANTLY sweeter. I mean MUCH sweeter. Now, there really is nothing new about self-love in this book, so why did it speak to me so loudly? What made me  take the action required instead of simply reading it, nodding lots and then putting it back on my bookshelf to gather dust?

What's his sweet spot? His very own beautiful and simple truth.

HIS story. Kamal offers a level of honesty that can only be achieved when you tell the truth. YOUR truth.

If you're putting off writing your book, or telling your story because you think it's all been said, it hasn't. No one has said it like you and there are people in the world who are waiting to hear what you've got to say, in YOUR way. Tell YOUR truth and it will vibe at such an awesome level that people can't help but be attracted to it.  I read a gazillion books, for work and for pleasure, and when one resonate at a Lisa vibration, it can literally change up my whole life perspective in the turn of a page.

The truth is powerful ju-ju. The reason why I love this book is because it's Kamal's truth and he shares it in the no-bullshit, I'm-not-claiming-to-be-a-guru way that I dig on the most in my book reading.

There are people waiting to hear your story, who NEED to hear your story, told in your way. So, if you're sitting down to write today, tell the truth. Tell your truth.

If you'd like help to tell YOUR truth,  come and sign up for the Write The Freakin' Book programme - it's for truth-telling gutsy girls with a story to tell and a revolution to start - that's you, right?!