Writer-girl Wednesday: Lisa Whitehead

I like to think I've got a pretty cool-ass life, so when I heard that the awesome Lisa Whitehead, therapist, inspir-o-speaker and coach had written a book telling me to Get a Life, my first thought was, 'this isn't for me, I rock at life' turns out I was wrong. I mean I'm good at life, but I'm not so good that I'm not open to a li'l helping hand to make it rock harder, and this book will most deffo do that. Lisa, who used to be a super-swank business woman for the likes of Sears, Boots and Barclays, took a huge-ass leap o' faith to follow her heart and start her own buisness - Get a Life - this book is her guide to helping us find our soul purpose and do what makes our heart sing and our spirt soar - there is nothing not to love about a book that does that, right?!

Describe yourself in a tweet... Former coporate clone turned tree hugging nut! Opening hearts and changing lives

You're book is called Get a Life - I'm guessing the clue is in the title - but what's the book about? The book is collection of my day-to-day observations on life, just as they came to me as I meandered along my journey. I've focused on how you can look at what you may think of as mundane and ordinary- differently, turning every moment into something extraordinary, juicy and magical.

The book talks about discovering our soul purpose, what is that, and how do we know it when we find it? For me, I believe we all have a 'Purpose' or a reason our Soul showed up on Earth this time around. We all have a special gift to bring to the World, we know when we're "Being on Purpose" by the way life flows, doors just open where there weren't doors before. We just have an inner knowing, a feeling , everything just falls into place and we feel fulfilled, worthwhile, meaningful.

You've got a lot of strings to your bow, Miss L - what made you decide to add author to the list? I have had a love of writing for years, even as a child I loved creative writing, storytelling and reading, ( I'm a complete bookworm too, which some people may find surprising) When I was little,I even used to ask the teacher if I could tell the story to the younger children in the quiet corner at infant school, so I guess all along I had a need to tell a story and share it with the World.

As a teenager I wrote a daily journal, even into my 30's I would capture daily musings. Infact the first book I started was "from corporate clone to tree hugging nut" around 8 years ago, its still a work in progress and is far more autobiographical than "Get a Life!-the guide book" I feel its time will come, but I guess I've got more of my journey yet to unfold before the full story can be told.

Get a Life! the guide book, came about from the great response I received to my blog and really captures that style of observational writing. I feel its important to get the message out there that this life can be full of magical,juicy and abundant possibility, all it takes is positive belief. Even the most difficult situations in our life have a gift for us, its just the wise woman or man that takes the time to spot it.

I've always felt that books capture a magical energy , the thoughts and feeling of the author, spilled out over the page, a gift for the reader and for the future,I guess its a legacy in a way.

I'm a big fan of Shakespeare, imagine if he'd never bothered to put quill and ink to parchment? we would have been deinied of his genius and we would have never been able to glimpse the world though his eyes.

Having a book published is also a tick off of my bucket list!

How long did it take you from idea in your head/heart, to published book? The writing part itself took around 4 months I guess, I was lucky to be offered a contract very soon after, but hung around a few months, re-writing and editing, before finally going ahead! I guess all in all its taken about 12 -18 months.

Did you have an agent or did you go it alone when looking for a publisher? I did consider having an agent, but when I asked around, and did my own research, I decided the best way for me was to get out there and do it myself, it seems to have worked for me.

Can you describe your writing process please? Do you have any particular rituals? good luck charms or talismen? I do have prefered areas of the house to write in, I often ask the universe what to write about next, and what would be of most use to the reader. Signs and symbols come in all shapes and sizes, as you'll no doubt pick up if you read the book... One chapter even came about from the writing on the inside of my sparkly gold shoes ( cant beat a bit of sparkle!)

To get me into a creative head and heart space for writing, I like to light candles, burn incense or esstential oil, I'm generally surrounded by crystals and buddha's ( but that's pretty much describes every rooom in Holly House!) I also use angel cards to stimulate writing topics, If I get stuck I walk out in nature, I'm truly blessed to live in rural Lincolnshire, so I'm surrounded by the beautiful countryside......ultimately the universe has a way of pointing stuff out and getting it onto keyboard or paper!

Tell us about the moment you first saw your book in print... Ha ha! well I wasn't the first to see it! I was down at Earls Court at Cam Expo working, when my gorgeous man rang me to say a box had arrived for me, I hadn't ordered anything so was a little surprised... Then I realised it must be my book! The gorgeous man opened it and sent me a BBM with a piccy of it! I had to wait until the Sunday evening at 11pm when I arrived home and held it in my hands for the first time ( I make it sound like my baby,  my baby is about to turn 20 so its hardly the same) but all I can say is I felt a huge well of emotion rise up and my eyes had some sort of leakage type affair going on! Now, I cant tell you if that was lack of sleep in a very noisy, hotel in London and three long days at Earls Court, or if it was a moment of sheer joy at the magical and abundant manifestation of a long held dream...

What's your life mantra? Love is the answer... now what was the question?

Do what makes your heart sing and spirit soar!

Quick fire round: what's your favourite... Book? Oooh so hard as there are so many... erm... Life is a gift by the late Gill Edwards Author? Too many to mention, but I'm sure the list would include: Shakespeare, DH Lawrence, Charles Dickens, Wayne Dyer and Dan Millman ( I know quite a mixed bunch) book to movie? Harry Potter,Lord of the rings, Tess of the Dubervilles, Way of the peacful warrior Place to write? In the lounge at Holly House, with a roaring fire, my buddhas and crystals around and Nag champa or moldavite incense burning. Writing equipment? Net book generally, sometimes pencil and notebook. Writing ensemble? whatever takes my fancy at the time.

What's next in the world o' Miss L? mmm... Very good question... More workshops, maybe some more writing... And im told by many a mystic friend lots and lots of travel, including America ( I allow the opportunity to flow forth )