Writer-girl Wednesday: Lisa Marie Selow

Are you ready to rock out?My gorgeous gal-pal, Lisa Marie Selow, is combining her rock-out-ability with her intuitive girl power to coach girlkind to be courageous and kick-ass in her brand-new book - A Rebel Chick Mystic’s Guide: Healing Your Spirit With Positive Rebellion (Hay House, Inc.), it's the go-to guide for women who want to live life by their own rules.

I bloody love this woman. I love this book and while playing air guitar whilst reading it is optional, I defy you not to want to. Rarrrrrrrrrr!

We riffed about writing a self-help book, publishing with Hay House and shouting expletives when you see your book for the first time. Come meet her, then read about how awesome she is, then buy the book. In that order.

Describe yourself in the style of a book title... Glitter, Guts, Guitar, and Rebellion: Tales of a Detroit Rebel Glam Rocker Girl to Fuel Your Own Revolution

There is NOTHING not to love about the title of your book--what is a rebel mystic and how do we become one?! A rebel mystic is a spiritual freethinker and a paradigm buster. You become a rebel mystic mostly in consciousness. It’s about internally rejecting or rebelling against the limiting, shitty beliefs that you’ve inherited from growing up and from society, replacing them with a positive, empowering mindset. This helps you to write your own rules and carve out your own spiritual path and life purpose.  It’s the path of the modern mystic, using life lessons to spiritually grow. In today’s sometimes materialistic, busy society, it’s actually quite rebellious to talk about things like spirituality and even more so to really purposely live a sane, happy, fulfilled life.

If you could only give people one page of this book, what page would it be and why? I have this set of exercises early in my book that address the reader’s roles in life. I have the reader list all of her many roles in life, mostly so that she can turn to it in the future when her inner critics or inner perfectionist try to tell her that she doesn’t do enough or isn’t enough. Of course, as women, people try to define us by our roles. You’re a woman with passions, opinions, goals, dreams, and a vision for your life. If you’re taking care of others, there’s the danger that you can lose parts of yourself. Here’s the questions I ask in that exercise in my book to help women reclaim their true selves:

1. Who are you aside from your roles?

2. Who’s your true self? How does she act, think, dress, and live?

3. What’s truly important to you in life?

4. Who do you want to be?

5. How do you want to focus your life from now on?

The exercise might seem simplistic, but the answers will be quite revealing. I’d love to hear how it goes from those who try it.

You've got a lot of strings to your bow, Miss L, what made you want to add author to the list and what made you want to write this particular book? As a professional psychic, I often wondered if readings were really helpful enough to my mostly women clientele. I’ve always had a life mission of empowering women, so eventually, a life coaching career path called to me. I still give psychic readings professionally, but I’ve recently switched focus a bit. After you give hundreds or thousands of readings, you start to notice similar themes and concerns of your clients. I started to take note of these. I thought it was uncanny, but that it had to be for a divine reason. The guidance that came through on these various topics started to sound so similar. Of course, it comes through differently for each client. Yet, I couldn’t ignore that there seemed to be some wisdom for women’s lives. I wanted to help a larger number of women, so I thought a book would be a great way to be of service on a bigger scale. My clients were the ones who inspired this book, for sure.

How did it go from an idea in your head to an actual book--please share the process, how long did it take? My writer-girls LOVE a publishing story... I had wanted to write a self-help book for about 15 years. I always thought that I’d end up self-publishing. I saw a class that spoke to me being taught by Hay House (at sea) called the Writers Workshop. I signed up for it, along with their other class, Movers and Shakers in early February 2011.

Part of the class requirements was submitting a book proposal and a video. I really took the class with intentions of getting organized and wasn’t too attached to the idea of winning. Imagine my surprise when I won a book contract! I found out that I won on my late grandma’s birthday, July 25, 2011.

I busted tail and wrote a shitty first draft of my manuscript. Then, I worked with a professional editor that I hired on my own dime before I submitted it to my publisher. To be honest, I ended up rewriting about 60-70 per cent of my book, but it was so worth it. I learned so much about myself in the process and I hope that I became a better writer for it.

I submitted my manuscript early March 2012. You go through some more edits and make your last minute changes. Then, it goes to the printer. My book officially comes out November 26, 2012. So, it was from early February 2011 until late November 2012.

People think that publishing with Hay House is the ultimate dream, but g-friend has to work her ass off, right? Tell us what it's really like to be an author... Oh, girlfriend! It’s hard work, for sure! It’s worth it though, ‘cause as a writer girl, we want to make a difference in the world. Really, getting the book done is the first step. In today’s noisy world, you have to really haul ass and build your platform. Hints: don’t just rely on social media and the internet, remember to do and attend events in-person. There’s no magic bullet. I myself am not starting out with a huge platform, so I’ve had to ask for some help of friends and colleagues. I’m so grateful for this support.

What most people don’t realize is that even the big name authors do tons of their own marketing. It’s really your responsibility to market your book. It’s very unprofessional to expect your publisher to do it all for you.

My author life is not that glamorous, really. I mostly work at home in my pajamas, writing content, seeing coaching clients, doing social media, arranging media, and drinking some herbal tea and playing a few licks on my electric guitar, if I have a few minutes to spare. It’s enjoyable as a career, but honestly, I work much harder for myself than I ever did having a job. I wouldn’t have it any other way though.

Share your writer-girl process with us please--do you have any lucky talisman? Do you write at certain times of the day? How long for? Do you have any rituals? I always have a Ganesh statue nearby. He’s the Hindu, elephant-headed god who removes obstacles and he loves to help writers. (He has a strong affection for chocolate too, so I leave him some.) Ganesh is my buddy!

I like to write first thing after breakfast or else I won’t get to it. I tend to put in 1,000 to 3,000 words per day. I’ve found that I can write up to 6,000 words per day, but if I do more, I’ll get a massive migraine. Sometimes, I let writing sit overnight and come back to in the morning to tweak it, after the day’s writing is done.

My rituals vary, but most days, I get up and do yoga first thing in the morning, followed by meditation, journaling (to prime the pump), breakfast, vitamins, and green tea (sometimes coffee, which I call “writer’s little helper”--isn’t that naughty of me?)

Having a routine seems to help me get ready. I recommend taking one day off. For me, it’s Saturday or Sunday. If I take more than one day off, I totally slack off.

Tell us what it was like when you first saw your book in print? It was shocking holding it my hands. It still shocks the f*ck out of me, for sure. I am a delayed responder, so it hasn’t sunk in as of yet. Mostly though, I just feel so grateful for being able to share my message and also, to all the people who made it possible from my publisher to my friends, family, colleagues, and my cute, sweet hubby, JT. No one gets there alone. I have had so much support. (By the way, thanks for YOUR support! I so appreciate you!)

Quick fire round: Your favourite… Book: The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran Author: Christiane Northrup Book to movie: The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks (I’m a hopeless romantic!) Place to write: On my couch or sometimes, at a cafe (too distracting ‘cause I’m a people watcher!) Writing equipment: MacBook Pro and at times, napkins and pens (hey, I’m a musician!) Writing ensemble: desk or couch, MacBook Pro, pajama pants, water bottle, a few crystals, aura spray, and xylitol gum to deal with stress...

What would be the top 5 tracks on a Lisa rebel mystic soundtrack?

  1. “Cherry Bomb” by The Runaways
  2. “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga
  3. “F**kin’ Perfect” by P!nk
  4. “Mystic Lady” by T. Rex
  5. “Respect” by Aretha Franklin

Go buy Lisa's book now from Amazon, once you've bought it head over to http://lisaselow.com she's offering awesome freebies, one of which I'm a part of - wohhhooo!

You can also find Lisa at: Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/LisaMarieSelow Twitter:https://www.facebook.com/LisaMarieSelow