Writer Girl Diaries: We've set a date

When you know, you know. The book ideas I've been flirting with over the last month have now become ONE book idea. One that I freakin' love and adore. One that I first started working on last year but like the magpie-girl that I am, got wooed by other bright and shiny ideas, except none of them were ever as good as THIS one. This one is a bit big and awesome-y.

I declared my big awesome-y idea to a g-friend. Now, talking brand-spankin'-new ideas with people is a risky business, that's unless that person is Amy Palko, who is a magick-making goddess. When I declared with a li'l nervy croak in my voice, 'so, this new book? It's going to be like..(insert the stupidly huge book I compared it to here) but for gutsy, go-for-it girls.' She hollered and told me to totally own it.

That's the person you tell your brand-new ideas to.

I don't mean only tell someone who will blow smoke up yo' ass and tell you how awesome it is even when it's not, I simply mean, hook up with someone who gets it. A fellow writer-girl, a coach, join a writer-girl book jam to meet like-minded g-friends who you can share your words with. Don't tell your mumma who is literally counting down the days til you finally give up this 'silly idea' of becoming an author and become a teacher like she's wanted you to do since you were 10. Don't tell a friend who you really, really want to get it, but who instead of doing star jumps o' joys, disses the idea and tells you your title is shit. While your book idea is in it's infancy, protect it. Protect it like a fierce-ass mother lioness. Nurture it, let it grow, let it take firm roots, so that when you do want talk about it, and the inevitable winds of other people's fears and worries and concerns blow in your direction, the idea will simply bend and bow in the breeze.

So, now the book idea is officially THE BOOK.

I've broken it down into ten main themes, each theme has three key points - they might be chapters, they might not be - and my heart and I are simply riffin' together. It feels so freakin' good. So good, that I have to set a deadline.

Y'see, I LOVE the writing process so much, that if it were up to me, I'd never actually publish. I like to explore words and flirt with ideas for hours on end, but I also love the finished product. Having a book that I can smell and touch, that can go out in the world, look pretty, be of total service and do awesome shit. So in order for any of my writing to ever become a book, G-friend needs to set a date, coz if it's not in the diary, it's not real. That's not just true o' book writing, that's pretty much true of everything in my world, actually. So I've set a date. I declared to my  book jam writer girl rockstars last week, and I'm now declaring it to you - nothing like accountability, is there? - the shitty first draft will be complete by September 30th.

Do you want to see YOUR book in print in Feb 2014 – a year from now? If you were publishing with SASSY Books - which you totes should, we're excepting submissions right now - it would NEED to be written in the next 7 months.

Let’s do some maths.

Most books are between 65,000 to 80,000 words. So let’s say you’re writing a 75,000-word book – that’s roughly 10,700 words a month, that’s 2,700 words a week, that’s 382 words a day.

382 words a day for the next 7 months would mean you had, like me, a completed shitty first draft by September 2013. When you look at it like that, it seems infinitely more do-able right? What  are you waiting for?

Let's do this shit, let's write a book, a love letter to ourselves, to the world, and publish it next February - who's in?