Seek your SHE medicine.


writingI don’t write because I love it. Although I do. A lot.I don’t write to gain attention and kudos. Although sometimes I get it and it's lovely. I don’t write to please anyone. Although sometimes I do and that’s nice. I don't write to piss people off. Although sometimes I do and that’s really okay too. On thirsty paper with an inky red pen, I write because words are my medicine. - Lisa Lister

So, NaNoWriMo is over and I’ve written 43,000 words. Except, not of the book I’m contractually obliged to write, no, why on earth would a writing coach who works with women to tell stories and write books actually, y’know...write a freakin' book? I mean, it might be a book at some point, but right now it’s a story. It’s my story. One of the many stories that have been sewn with love and tears and blood and words to make up the sweet-ass truth tapestry that is me.

SHE called. I answered. SHE disguised it as a call to write a programme about the awesomeness that is our menstrual cycle - and believe me, that shiz REALLY is awesome - I wrote SHE Cycles at the top of a blank piece o’ paper, and while it wasn’t the book I was meant to be writing, what I was writing seemed important and necessary. I’ve been geeking out over menstruation, the moon and cycles for years now, it was about bloody time I wrote about it. Pun totally intended. 

I got arty with felt tips, I made cycle dials, mood wheels to give to your partner. I wrote about the cyclical nature of lady kind, how as women we can rock our rhythm alongside the elements, the seasons, the moon. I was loving what it was becoming, then last week, I wrote the words: ‘What to do when blood is the last thing that you want to see.’ ‘Lady, this is not cool’ I protested staring at my altar and seeing the many faces o’ SHE looking back at me. SHE took me by the hand, via the inky red pen and together we dared to get a li’l messy in my shadows. I told the story of me, eight years ago, when after being told I couldn’t have babies, I found myself pregnant. A story I’d not even told my best friend and that girl is golden and knows everything about me. Mainly because that li'l soul decided not to stay for long. Which in retrospect, was probably a good thing. Once my heart had been prompted, I riffed the shit out of that experience. I broke. I cried. I howled. Because until that moment, in front of my SHE altar, I’d never spoken/written/dared to think about it. Not in my journal, not to my best friend, not to my partner at the time, not to the Viking, not to myself. I hadn’t honoured that li’l soul, I hadn’t honoured myself. ’Til now. In the sharing of this story. I thought about keeping it in my journal, and not sharing it. I thought about taking out the entire three-page heart riff from the SHE cycles programme that prompted it. Damn it, I thought about not releasing the SHE cycles programme at all if it was going to take me on such heart hurt-y detours, but this is my truth, this is my story and through writing it, I've found my SHE medicine. A li’l soul DID choose me, if only for a fleeting time and because I’m a witch/hippy/queen o’ positive thinking, if a li’l soul chooses to come hang with The Viking and I in this lifetime then it shall be so. By knowing my cycle as intimately as I do now, by knowing what my body needs, what it’s calling out for – yoga, pleasure, hot sex, 8 hours sleep a night, great books, love, a gluten and dairy free diet – this is DEFFO a work in progress - I can become a vessel of awesomeness for my own sweet self to reside in, and a fertile one of nourishment should a li’l dude or dude-ess choose to come hang with us too.

This is power o’ SHE. SHE helps us to break open. To navigate new territory. To find our medicine. To tell our story. A book? A programme? (Both of which will be available early 2014, I promise.) Well, they're just a rather lovely reward for your efforts.

HEART RIFF PROMPT: I dare you to seek your SHE medicine. What shadows could you get messy in? What are you not honouring in the story o' you? Go there. Get messy. And if you feel called, share.


SS reading guide-essSHE STORIES: 2014 Readings

I am inviting you to let SHE be your guide-ess for 2014. For the last three years at the turn o' the year I've offered tarot readings. This year, after 19 moons and with love, magick and felt tips, I created the SASSY SHE oracle, which is why, I'm excited to be able to create a deeply personal offering this yule.

I will journey with the many faces o’ the SASSY SHE via the oracle cards I've created, and will ask one of them to step forward as your 2014 guide-ess. I will then be led by SHE. Heart riffin’ in inky red pen, with SHE, to write your personal SHE story for the year ahead.

I’ve cleared the diary for December so SHE and I can get sacred and tell stories, YOUR stories, together. To find out how to buy you and the gorgeous women in your world a handwritten SHE Story, click here.