Why write the freakin' book?

Seven years ago, I had a huge-ass idea I absolutely, positively NEEDED to share with the world. It was a pink-tinted way to help girl-kind start to love the skin they were in. I dreamed, in vivid detail, of being hailed as THE go-to girl in my chosen field, and signing copies of my book for adoring fans. To me, words are a magickal super power and I wanted to use them for good - amuse me while I indulge in a li'l superhero geekyness here - I saw myself as Word Girl, starting revolution after revolution with my words. In fact, I was going to frikkin' change the world using words. I had a costume planned too, pink, natch. At the time, I was a freelance journ-o-girl who had huge belly-flips every time I saw my name on a by-line, yet, despite muttering/scribbling in my journal/writing on my ‘to do’ list the words ‘I’m going to write books that change the world one day’, that day never quite arrived.


Because I was scared. I was freakin' petrified.

I had journals full of ideas, outlining, in detail, the books I was going to write if only I had more time, if only I understood the publishing industry. I’ve still got entire writing courses unopened on my laptop. I wanted to do it, but I was a busy girl, I had bills to pay, it was hard to find the time. I wrote pages upon pages in my journal, but it was hard to think I might actually be good enough to write a book. When I did have days of writer-girl inspiration, I’d then panic about how to write it, how do you even structure a book? What if people didn't like what I had written? It's all been said before so why should I bother? And that’s even before I started to panic about how hard it would be to actually get it published then sell it. I had a severe case of analysis paralysis that kept me in an icky stuck place and I had NO idea how to get out of it.

Fast forward seven years, and I've written the Lola Love series, ten self-esteem boosting books for teen girls published by HarperCollins. I've been nominated as Queen of Teen - I got a tiara and everything! - I've appeared at the Edinburgh Book Festival and still get super-excited when I'm asked to sign a copy of my book. Because I wrote Think Pink, the first book in the Lola Love series, Sugar magazine proclaimed me the Queen of self esteem, I got asked to be the agony aunt for Mizz magazine, I deliver workshops for the Dove self-esteem programme across the UK and have appeared on TV and radio as a teen-self-esteem advocate.

As well as making my pink-tinted dreams a reality, I've written over 15 books as an author-for-hire, earned over £75,000 in advances and royalties, I'm now a freelance writer and editor for a number of different publishing houses including HarperCollins, Parragon and O Books, and my first book in the SASSYology series, SASSY: The go-for-it Girl's Guide to becoming mistress of your destiny, has just gone to print and will go on sale in September - wohhhooo!

That's what happens when you make the decision to WRITE THE FREAKIN' BOOK.

Pretty awesome, huh? Now, while I'm still trying to decide on a costume that not only flatters, but doesn't chafe as I write world-changing words, one thing I know for absolute certain, is that, as Word Girl, it's my absolute responsibility to encourage lady-kind to do exactly the same, which is why I've created WRITE THE FREAKIN' BOOK: the book writing programme for badass girls.

If you have an idea that you are desperate to share with the world, a story that needs to be told, if you want to build your brand, or transform people’s thoughts, actions and lives with your words then WRITE THE FREAKIN’ BOOK is your call to action, baby!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to discover, and unlock, your writer-girl superpower – we’ve all got one, we just need to find it and flick the switch to ‘on’ – and use it to lasso your passion into print (and e-books), make a profit – which is always rather lovely – and start revolutions. My personal favourite.

When you sign up to WRITE THE FREAKIN’ BOOK you will have access to everything you need to turn awesome, life-changing thoughts in your head into awesome, life-changing words in a book. YOUR book. I’ll ask you to date me. I’m forward like that. For the next six-months, you and I will hook up, once a month, via Skype, for 60 minutes, and I will coach the ass off you. We will connect, we will probably laugh a lot, but most importantly, each call we will work together to make sure you have all the seriously SASSY fall-in-love-with-the-book-writing-process tools you need to WRITE THE FREAKIN’ BOOK. As well as all the really juicy good stuff, like getting clear, banishing the writer-girl demons, creating a structure, tapping into your writer-girl super powers, planning a writing schedule and writing a proposal, what makes this programme so unbelievably more badass than any other book-writing programme you'll ever encounter, is that you'll get the chop. Yep, I'll provide two edits of your book, a first edit with super-detailed feedback on how to make your manuscript EVEN more deliciously readable, a half hour 1 to 1 call to chat through the changes, and then a full edit for all things spelling and grammar, after which, I will send you a fully-edited, ready-to-print book o' wonder. It is, quite frankly, the stuff of awesome.

There's only 2 days left of the early bird offer, so to turn your idea for a book into a hold-in-your hand, fully edited, read-to-print book, head over to WRITE THE FREAKIN' BOOK now.

Now, you'll hear me say this a lot, bur books change the world. Be a world changer, and WRITE THE FREAKIN’ BOOK.