SASSY: Your hot pink permission slip to be awesome

I've written the freakin' book. I know I've written books before, and yes, that does include a Justin Beiber annual, and no, I still don't want to talk about it, but the excitement of seeing your truth, your words, your story, in print well that NEVER gets boring...

This is me yesterday when my box o' author copies arrived...

Like I say, as an author-girl, you're never NOT excited when your book is finally a hold-in-your hand reality, because really, there is NOTHING more freakin' fabulous than holding, smelling, stroking and smooching a book that you've written and SASSY: the Go-for-it Girl's Guide to Becoming Mistress of Your Destiny, is super-special because it's MY story.  I got down and dirty with my truth, cracked open my heart and riffed for 200 pages.

That's why I love storytelling, and why working with girl-kind to tell their stories, is my absolute passion because it's a win/win dealio for both the writer AND the reader.

This is how it rolls. All the women I work with, when they come to me with their initial book idea, feel called to share their story. Do you know why? Because we're women, and it's what women do. We tell stories. It's our way of saying who we are, where we've come from, what we know and where we're going. The calling we hear as storytellers, as writer-girls, is not to make moolah, although sometimes it is and that's totally cool, it's a calling to be of service, to help people, to change the world, to start those revolutions that I'm so freakin' keen on.

So we write our story. I call this the sacred art o' heart riffing. It's telling your story, totally unedited, without your head - your inner editrix - slowing down/sabotaging/mocking the process. When you heart riff, your job is simply to show up, be vulnerable, and spill your words onto the page. Not only is this the number one tool in getting that all important 'shitty first draft' written - that's totally a technical term - it's a delicious journey of self-discovery where you can heal and discover your truth - it's like a soothing word spa for the soul.

Then, once the story is written, edited and published, we tell. Y'see, the process o' writing my SASSY story was sweet, sweet medicine for me. I cried, I learned valuable lessons and I healed but now that it's a real hold-in-your-hand book, it's become a hot pink permission slip for all of girl-kind to put down the tools of mass deception, claim their innate awesomeness and to make sure that when writing their story, they're holding the pen.

So g-friend, are you being called to tell YOUR story? Join me on the Write the Book retreat in Lesvos this September - there's 3 spots left and it's going to be frikkin' amazing - or you could work with me 1 to 1 for 6 months to Write the freakin' Book and see your story go from idea-in-your-head to ready-to-print manuscript, or, you can start right now, this minute, by sitting your bee-hind on the chair and simply riffing with your heart. However you do it, share your story. You've got a revolution to start, remember?