Women don't NEED periods. Apparently.


"Getting rid of women's periods saves them time, money, pain, and stress, with no known medical downsides."

This is an actual quote from a feature titled 'Women Don't Need Periods'  Now, on reading this, the menstrual maven, the activist + force for female good in me wanted to shout + scream: 'are you freaking kidding me?!! No known medical downsides?!!! Do you want me to start listing them for you? Because I TOTALLY can + it will take me DAYS.' But there was also the woman in me who, ten years ago, used to cancel social engagements + work opportunities and got a reputation as a flake because she was in crazy-womb-pain + bleeding for two weeks of every month so heavily that she was embarrassed to leave the house in case she leaked through clothes + on soft furnishings, she gets it. She ABSOLUTELY gets it.

In Code Red + on the Explore Your Lady Landscape programme, I talk about how freaking awesome it would be if EVERY woman connected to their own inner guidance system, used their menstrual cycle as a map of female optimisation + used their bleed time as a spiritual practice - a powerful + potent time to get direct downloads from the universe/SHE/god - delete as applicable. I am also REALLY quick to stress how the very fact I suggest this may piss you off. A lot. ESPECIALLY if your bleed time represents a scene from a horror movie + it feels like someone has taken a chainsaw to your womb each month. In fact, most women find me + my work because they're in pain.

Our experience of being a woman is totally out of whack because we're working against our cyclic nature, and this is causing emotional + physical trauma in our bodies. Basically we're no longer letting our cyclic nature guide us, instead we're letting the pain + dis-ease we experience each month control us.

The western world has an epidemic of 'down-there' pain + dis-ease - PMT, Endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids - overwhelm, stress, anxiety + fertility issues are at an all time high and we manage the  symptoms with synthetic hormones, denying ourselves the experience of living fully in our female power. Our SHE power. In essence, we are stripping Wonder Woman of her lasso. FYI: That's NOT cool.


So just to confirm, I totally understand that if you're suffering crazy pain + discomfort each month, the idea of 'getting rid' of your period would seem like the easiest 'hell yes!' you'll ever make. When I was told by dudes in white coats that I had endometriosis and that I should have my entire female reproductive system 'whipped out' I was momentarily tempted. It felt like a cure-all. We live in a society that trades on quick fixes, so the idea that we can do it all in life by just 'getting rid' of this 'inconvenience', this curse we call a period, WILL sound appealing. Now, I'm not here to tell you what's right + wrong, or to pull apart this feature, but we do need to have a #bloodyconversation about it.

We live in a solar-based, masculine-led society - one where the emphasis is to strive, to do + to be successful, so if you're determined to prove you can do it all - mummahood, career, relationships - not having a period will sound like the BEST. IDEA. EVER. Except feminine energy is fluid, it's not consistent. We're not linear, we're not meant to go, do and act with big vibrant energy in the world all the time. If we do, we burn out, we get stressed + anxious, our adrenals have to work overtime and we create pain, discomfort + dis-ease in our reproductive organs + if we continue to take The Pill or other synthetic hormones, this will simply mask those symptoms. In the feature it states: 'And if they ever want their periods back, all they need to do is have the IUD or implant removed.' Do you know what else happens when you have it removed? All those symptoms that you've been masking by taking the pill, IUD or Implant will show up BIG TIME. And if you're wanting a baby? Expecting a reproductive system to 'do her job' and become pregnant is a BIG ask when you've 'ignored' + 'numbed' her for years with synthetic hormones. (That's not a finger point or judgement, so many of us knew no better. But now we do. Or at least we have an opportunity to. I REALLY recommend everyone reads Sweetening the Pill: Or how we got hooked on hormonal birth control by the amazing Holly Grigg-Spall to understand fully the effects of hormonal birth control and how using them NOT to have a period will effect you + your body.)

Look, I'm not here to preach, it's about knowing the power that resides in your womb + understanding how different your life would be if you were fully connected to your cyclic nature, your inner guidance system. Imagine if you trusted yourself enough to know that pain, discomfort or dis-ease was a message from your body that you were doing too much, that you needed to slow down  or have more orgasms? Imagine what choices you would make if you knew that you had super powers in each phase of your menstrual cycle? how different would your relationships be? If we didn't bleed each month, we'd be denying ourselves our greatest power. Our SHE power. I for one do not want to be without my lasso. How about you?

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