Woah. Enough with the Samantha Brick hate.

257649-samantha-brickSo, unless you're a social media 'phobe, you must have heard/read/had an opinion about Samantha Brick last week.

Samantha, a blonde Brit-girl who is living in France, declared to the world, 'I’m pretty. And sometimes it's quite difficult being me.'

So, what's the fuss? There shouldn't be any fuss right? Except there was. The backlash to her feature in the Daily Mail has been crazy-ridiculous, with thousands upon thousands of comments, most of which were blood-spitting and kinda evil. Even worse, most of the comments were from fellow members o' girlkind.

So, she wrote an entire feature about how beautiful she is, and how other women hate on her because of her looks, but what's the real deal with the vitriolic responses? Is she really egotistical? Maybe. Is she a nice person? Who knows? Does talking out about how she feels other women's reaction to her prettiness make her totally hate-able and bad person? Not in my world. But if the comments on the feature/twitter/facebook are anything to go by, thousands upon thousands of women would disagree with me.

The thing is, these women are doing everything  to prove Samantha right about her fellow sisters. A huge chunk o' the backlash has involved women questioning whether Samantha Brick is actually pretty, and how dare she have the audacity to say 'I'm pretty' out loud. This makes me all kinds o' sad.  I don't know Samantha Brick. She could be crazy egotistical. A total bitch. Alternatively, she might be devastatingly charming, cause boys to declare 'I heart you' from the top o' buildings and turn girl-kind a deep shade o' envy-green. Who knows? I'm a size 18, not conventionally pretty, yet I get told on a regular basis by both boy, and girl-kind, that I'm hot. Now I've shared that with y'all, does that mean I love myself? Too freakin' right it does. Does it make me a bad person? No. There is nothing, I repeat NOTHING, wrong with declaring you're hot to trot. We should be waving freaking pompoms for this declaration o' self-love, whether she's pretty or not. FYI: who gets to decide that anyway? And why do the people who commented on the Daily Mail feature even care? If she thinks she's hot, surely that's cool, non?

It's a fine line between cocky and self-assured, this is factuality, but all the time we hate on super-confident women and declare them 'bitches', we are just continuing to perpetuate this societal myth. It's bullshit. If Samantha's  only crime is daring to say something she believes to be true about her experience in the world, then lock us both up and throw away the key, because that's how I will always roll. And whether she and I would ever actually be friends, whether she's a bitch or she isn't, hating on her for not hating what she sees when she looks in the mirror is total bullshit.

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