Winter solstice, resolutions + the original green juice


Winter Solstice blessings, witches!Today is the shortest day and longest night of the year - when the wheel briefly stops turning so we can be in the darkest of dark, before it begins a new circle back to the light.

The Viking and I got married on the solstice because if we can be together in the darkest times, we can deffo be together in the light.

We don't celebrate the conventional new year, but we take time every solstice to reflect on the year that has just gone, honour those that have passed, and kiss and let go of what no longer serves us + then we light candles to welcome the light, set intentions for the year ahead, pull cards, and ask for guidance.

Solstice Intention Setting

Is setting new years intentions/resolutions is a THING for you? It used to be for me but when I consistently and inevitably messed up + failed to keep any of them past Jan 3rd, I turned to my witch-y wisdom + realised it was because it was the wrong timing.

Dec 22nd til Dec 25th are the shortest days + the longest nights of the year - it acts as a cave, a space of pause, a time to amplify + turn your focus towards the next turn of the wheel. Download, create + cultivate your visions + desires during these longest nights by allowing yourself to be still + to listen. Write them all down + at 11.11 on Christmas day/full moon, burn them up, release them to SHE/the universe/all that is. Also know that this period of yule is all the way through to Feb 2nd when we experience Imbolc, the lambing season, the stirring of new life. So don't be in a MASSIVE rush to get straight back to work on Jan 1st, allow your desires + visions to fully take root in the darkness of the season, and look to start actioning them from Imbolc onwards when seeds start to pop through the darkness of the mud ready to grow. 

The 'original' green juice

It's not quite the same as the healthy green juice that we may have become accustomed to, but I'd personally MUCH prefer this than one made with spirilina at this time o' the year. Wassail is a traditional drink of Yule, it's sometimes drank at the solstice, sometimes on 12th night, and it's a Medieval drinking ritual intended to ensure a good cider apple harvest the following year.

In the olden days, this drink would be prepared on the stove, put in a large drinking horn and passed around from friend to friend whilst shouting/singing/saying the blessing: 'Waes Hael' which literally means 'good health'. So, technically the green juice of the olden days.


Here's how to make it:

1 litre of apple cider 3 apples 2oz brown sugar, 2.5ml ground ginger and grated nutmeg

Grate the three apples. Put two cupfuls of cider in a pan, then add the grated apples. Cook until the apple turns soft then add the sugar, ginger and the rest of the cider. Heat it up, but DON'T boil. Add some grated nutmeg and voila, a good health drink to the year ahead.

Blessed Yule, SHE sisters! ALL. THE. LOVE.

FYI: I'll be closing the flaps of my red tent (pun totally intended) until Imbolc, I do this every year because January should not be the crazy time of 'new year, new you' diets + detoxes + starting brand new things that it's become. We're still in winter, a time for epic downloads + insights, a time for reading + educating + learning + crafting + being creative. So, I'll be finishing Love Your Lady Landscape, going to Malta to book locales for next year's SHE Power retreat + kissing the viking. A LOT. While I may not be writing blog posts, there's a really good chance that I will be posting pix from behind the flaps on Instagram, so if you don't already, come follow me there!