Why YOUR story matters

So, I don't know if I've mentioned it, but I've written a book. I've written books before, and yes, that does include a Justin Beiber annual, and no, I STILL, and never will, want to talk about it, but SASSY...well, SASSY is MY story.

It's my Eat, Pray, Love, my journey o' self-discovery, except instead of pizza I ate chocolate, and instead of travelling to countries beginning with I, I went to Paris, so really not that similar at all, but it was one summer afternoon, while watering my pretty garden, hose pipe in one hand and my copy of Eat, Pray, Love in the other that I, like Elizabeth, broke.

I'd tried so hard to fit my creative, square-pegged self into a conventional round-holed life - a nice pile of bricks, good jobs in a nice neighbourhood - and other events preempted by super-bland adjectives, til' that one day, while reading Eat, Pray, Love, I didn't want to keep trying, and failing, to fit anymore.

That's how freakin' powerful someone sharing their story can be. It can change lives, start revolutions. It's the most powerful  magickal ju-ju there is. Which is why sharing your own, is like paying it forward in word form. When Elizabeth Gilbert sat down to write her story, little did she know how she was about to change the course of my own straight-to-DVD story in the most spectacular way. I don't know her writing process, but I reckon it was something along the lines of  'I'm a writer, I need to write this down, I need to share what I've discovered', not, 'I'm going to write this story in the hope that Lisa Clark realises her life is a huge pile o' suck and does something about it', which is ultimately what happened and why, now that my life is a blockbuster hit filled with passion, romance, adventure and a hot viking leading  man, it seems only right and proper that I now write and share my story.

Women tell stories, it's what we've always done, it's our way of saying who we are, where we've come from, what we know, what we're doing and where we're going, but for a long, long time our stories have been repressed, hidden, not heard. Which is why I'm so obsess-o about women telling their story and sharing their heart print in the world. You may never know the impact, but there will be one. We've got history to write, g-friends and by sharing our story, not only do we connect with ourselves on a deeper level, we give other members of girl-kind permission to do the same.

When I read, or am told a real from-the-heart, authentic story, I'm taken on a journey, and it's my own story that I hear within it. When we simply share information, we speak to each other's head, but when we tell a story, filling it with our love, our truth, our learnings, we drop a truth bomb in the heart, we speak directly to the experience of another. Not only do we honour the wisdom that has been, we weave new possibilities into now...and that is so freakin' exciting.

Are you ready to share YOUR story?

If your goal for 2013 is to write your freakin' book, I have EXCITING news. On January 11th 2013,  the very first Write The Freakin' Book group programme will commence - wooohhhooo! 12 awesome writer-girls, 3 months, plotting, planning, proposing and pimping YOUR freakin' book - I am so excited! I'm not officially launching 'til mid October, but if you want in on the group goodness and want to be first in line for the early bird discount, drop me an email at: lisa@sassyology.com and I'll pop you on the priority mailing list!

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