Why YOU rock and niching sucks

largeSo I'm going to talk business-y shiz.Heads up, I am NO business guru, but I do run a successful one that allows me to take a month out when life gets real-life-y and not spend the whole time out fretting about how I'm going to pay bills. FYI: That's not the only measure of it's success, but it's definitely a pretty good one, right? 

I was told a while back that I needed to niche. Turns out I don’t do niching too well. That's because I think niching sucks. Big ones. I spent a lot of money learning about them. I went on courses, I hired coaches, but it all just felt…well, it all  felt a bit wanky.  I discovered, not before parting with a ridix amount of cash, that it's YOU that people dig, want to hang out with, want to buy from. 

I am my brand. I am a walking, talking billboard for SASSY. My Spiritual, Authentic, Sensual and Sensational YOU-ness is aligned, I've created an awesome life - yes shit happens, really messy shit that hurts, but I give the Goddess high fives and chest bumps everyday for the learning - I attract THE most awesome clients and I make money, enough so that the Viking and I can have longship adventures and eat chicken off the bone.

I'm not telling you all this to toot my horn, I just want to prove what's possible, when you're aligned at your core - SASSY style - when you tell your truth, and when you do your business YOUR way. There will always be people telling you that their way is the right way to run a business, and I definitely recommend you learn the practical bits like book keeping, actually I don't AT ALL. Get an accountant. They're are worth EVERY penny.

The reason I sell prods, the reason people want to work with me, is because they know me. They know what they're going to get. I swear in person, in blog posts, on coaching calls. I cry in person, in blog posts, on coaching calls. I tell my truth in person, in blog posts, on coaching calls. This repels some people, some people want the super-shiny, just stepped out of a salon hair swish-y coaches which is cool, because thankfully for those people there are a gazillion of those, but it also makes it super-easy for the people who DO want to work with me whether they're writing a book, whether they want to discover their voice and tell their story, or whether they want to align their SASSY, to say 'hell yes, THAT'S my girl.'

It's my truth, my voice, that seduces my clients. They relate to it, they hear themselves in it, and they want in on that.

Some people make the mistake of thinking that simply by seeing someone who’s successful and copying their recipe that their cake will taste just as good. (you've got to love a cake analogy haven't you?)  but actually that defeats the entire baking process. In order to rise, to make a delicous tasting cake, you need to bake it in your YOU-nique to you recipe, that you will find in your sweet soul.

When I first started coaching I was completely overwhelmed by the coaches appearing in my news feed, they all had perfect faces and were  very business-y approach – I was like, Shit, I am SO not like that.

But now, if you speak to my clients, that’s WHY they work with me. Because I’m not a cookie cutter version of every other coach. I have baked my entire brand in…ME. From my website, to my blog posts, to my books, to my packages, to my newsfeed, to the flower in my hair - they’re all in total alignment with li’l ol’ me.

So kick the idea of a niche to the curb, and instead go on a journey of SASSY discovery. It can take the time it takes to read the book, a month, a year, who knows, but what’s important is that you do do the freakin’ work, because unless you do, you’ll always be a 2nd rate version of yourself playing catch up – working on you is NOT selfish. It’s selfless. Think how awesome it will be for your family, your clients, the world to be in the presence of a woman totally in her SASSY power – that blows my freakin’ mind.

In the words of one of my most favourite inspir-o-girls, Dolly Parton: "Know who you are and be yourself on purpose." Chest bumps to that, g-friend.