Why spirituality is essential for awesome women

I was really honoured to be asked to write for Lisa’s Sassy Empire™ because in a lot of ways, Lisa and I read from the same book. And by that I mean that we read all the books, because we love them, and then we ignore the books. We write our own books, or have a party, or (my personal favourite) gather a group of amazing people and try something powerful, experimental, spiritual and preferably noisy instead. All aimed at one thing: becoming more awesome.

I told Lisa I’d be writing on the subject of spirituality, because that’s what I do, but I certainly won’t be writing on the subject of how to ‘do’ spirituality right. My work is primarily about helping people find their own unique way. No one knows how to meet Spirit (or whatever you want to call it) better than you. But I am going to stick myself out on a limb here for my first posting and say that some form of spirituality is essential if you are going to be your most awesome self.

When I give myself a job title, I use healer, or teacher, or sometimes shamanic practitioner. (I never use ‘complementary therapist’. Ever.) But the word that I would first use to describe myself is probably Priestess. Such a word may seem outdated, woo-woo, irrelevant, and detached from reality. It’s not. Literally it refers to a woman who presides over religious rites or sacred ceremonies or spaces.

[quote style="boxed" float="none"]some form of spirituality is essential if you are going to be your most awesome self. [/quote]

Your home is a sacred space. Your body is a sacred space. Sex is sacred. Laughter, love, the bonds of friendship, eating, being in nature… all are sacred rites in my eyes. Birth is sacred. Death is sacred. Life is sacred. Seeing the world through the eyes of a modern day priestess means that you are viewing everything you do as a rite, not a chore, something to be respected and celebrated, not done without fully engaging. Presiding over these things in your own life is more than relevant.

Seeing myself as a priestess means that everything I engage with in life has a deeper meaning. The path of a priestess is one of service, and my connection to source, my belief in gods and spirit, give me a great commitment to that work.

They show me how to understand the twists and turns my life takes, how I can best improve myself, serve my purpose and help others. It makes life a beautiful adventure, full of unexpected awesome stuff I couldn’t have dreamed of as a child.

For me, spirituality is a faith that there is something greater at work. But it is also a belief that this big thing (god, source, spirit) can be brought through into this mundane world, so that nothing is mundane anymore. Do you understand how extraordinary life becomes if we look at it that way?

My problem with a lot of ‘new agey’ spirituality is that it sits in the box marked irrelevant for those of us who have jobs, bills to pay, homes to run, relationships to maintain, or families to take care of. A lot of amazing women who want to get on in life and make a difference in the world think it’s not something that will work for them because they are too busy in the real world. This is a crying shame, because spiritual connection can transform all of those real world things, and make them easier and more joyful.

Has this new agey-ness ever put you off? Do you think you will have to disconnect from real life and become an unwashed hippy to explore your spirituality? (Real priestesses wash, let’s be clear on that.) I know the most incredible priestesses who are mothers, scientists, writers, artists, teachers, researchers, administrators, midwives, academics and volunteers as well as joyful powerhouses outside of those roles. You might not know them as priestesses. You might just know them as awesome women. You might be one yourself.

Writing for Sassy, I want to reclaim the idea of being a priestess for cool women who change the world. Yes, that’s you. I’ll be explaining how to explore and honour this part of yourself while remaining grounded and real, without disappearing up your own bumhole even a tiny bit.

All the real movers and shakers in this world are visionaries with a connection to a great dream, and a belief they will be supported in making that dream a reality. I reckon that’s us, and I look forward to exploring some non-fluffy, very shiny practices and principles you can use to celebrate your own unique role as a priestess of SASS.