What do you need right now?

tumblr_ly57rhYd0s1qzbdsao1_500_large When I get an idea in my head and heart, I run with it as if my life freakin' depends on it.

At the beginning of this year, I was ready to rock 2012. I was ALL over it. I shouted crazy loud to the universe, BRING IT. I am SO ready for this shit.

'Cept, I think I put a li'l bit too much pressure on myself, because let me tell you, five weeks in and I was beat.

This weekend, I was seriously at risk of burning out, I set myself crazy deadlines and in amongst all of that, life happens, it throws you curveballs, and you have to be flexible. I think that's my biggest lesson of the year so far, not just because I've discovered the joy of yoga - love me the yoga, but because I'm seeing the benefits of not being so rigid about things, and feeling them intuitively instead. I really rather like it.

I have a list of amazing things I'm going to create, be and do this year, but I was putting crazy-pressure on my sweet self to get them all done, like...now, but guess what? I've got a whole year to do it in, in fact I've got an entire lifetime, and if life takes me off list? Then that's really cool as well, I get to make the rules and decide how to prioritise my energy, that's the deal when you're SASSY - hurrah!

The end of Jan was shitty. Simple as that. But shit does happen. It's how you deal with it that really matters, so after I threw a proper diva like tantrum declaring the end of the world as we know it, ate four French Fancies in a row and wallowed rather self-indulgently at my pity party for one, I asked myself what do I need right now?

A break. Time out from the to-do list. Enter beautiful beau who is taking me to Paris next week - ohh la la! Seriously, it's the best gift anyone could ever give me - I love New York, and my heart will always be in San Fransisco, but Paris is where my magick happens - you'll read all about it in the book - and I'm going to use our time there to fill up on that gorgeous magick that the sparkly Eiffel tower illuminates, to kiss my beau as much as actually possible, to walk the streets o' Paris, to people watch, to peruse li'l book shops, to eat nutella filled crepes and go watch girls in frilly knickers at the Moulin Rouge - wohhhhhhoooooooo!

A social media break. I LOVE social media, but until the 13th of Feb, as of now, I'm on a holibobs from all o' that. Apparently the world WON'T end if I step away from it, I'm testing that theory.

Go to bed early. My head is filled with a gazzillion thoughts and if I let it, it would keep me up all night with book ideas, features to pitch, ways to build my beauty-full business, but to put all those into action I need to be in my bed before 10pm - rock n' roll? No. How I roll? Yes.

NOT being a workaholic. Instead, making stuff happen at the right time and right place - it's a freakin' revelation.

Shedding my skin. Not literally, although I am a HUGE fan o' dry brushing, if you don't do it, give it a go. No, I'm talking about getting rid of photos from my past. I LOVE photos so much, but the things I need to remember are in my heart, so I dumped them. All of them. I feel lighter and so much happier not to have past relationship reminders in this relationship - let it go, it's awesome! What do you need right now?