Weddings and weight loss

So, the beau and I are getting married/handfasted next year,  I might have mentioned it, and there really are few things that can rain on our pink tinted rockabilly/saxon parade, except for when THIS arrived in my inbox from a journalist at one of the weekly magazines:

Lisa,  we’ve seen on your blog that you are getting married next year, and would like you to be part of our 'lose weight for your wedding' feature. We’ll chart your progress and your pitfalls throughout the year and reveal the new you on your wedding day!’

Are you shitting me? Why exactly would I want a ‘new me’ on my wedding day?

I shouted a number of expletives at the screen and called the beau in to make sure I hadn't misread it. He encouraged some big deep yoga breaths and then we laughed at the ridiculous-ness of it all. Reason number 399902 as to why I dig that dude and am totes going to marry his sweet viking ass.

It really is no real surprise that potential brides feel a super-huge pressure to shed poundage before their big day though, when literally every vaguely wedding-y magazine I've read has given me either a bullet point list of things I need to do in order to fit into a size 6 dress, or offered a completely unappetizing diet plan that would involve me eating only a lettuce leaf and cucumber for the foreseeable future.

This is whack.

I am lucky to have a gorgeous friend who designs and makes pretty, pretty dresses - go check him out -  and he would never dream of suggesting I lost a couple o' pounds before the big day or try on a dress two sizes smaller to give me an incentive to lose weight, but this IS happening. The gorgeous Kat at Rock n Roll Bride last week wrote about how the wedding industry perpetuates the lie that you have to, or should at least consider, losing weight before you walk down the aisle. It got over 100 comments.

Now, there is nothing wrong with wanting to look deliciously delightful on your wedding day. In fact, I shall be having a make-up artist on the day, mainly because I know I'll be too excited to master my eyeliner flicks, but apart from that, I'll look exactly as I do right now, except in a delicious yet-to-be chosen dress, which may be a size 18, or, as I'm much healthier and active now than I've ever been, it might be a size 16.  It may even be a size 20, who knows?  I sure as hell will not be getting hung up over the number on the label. I will wear ridiculously pretty shoes and I will be safe in the knowledge that the beau asked me to marry him because he digs on me - cue Bridget Jones moment - just the way that I am.

More importantly, I dig on me just the way I am, so I will politely, with love, be flicking the middle finger to the magazine's offer to lose weight for my wedding. Or for any other occasion actually.

Did you, or would you, lose weight for your big day? Are you, like me, flicking the middle finger to the wedding industry, or are you determined to fit into a dress size smaller for your big day? I would love you to share your thoughts in the comments below...