Two days 'til school starts!

Hey lovelies! Just wanted to give you a li'l reminder that you've still got two days before the three fabulous box-fresh Sassy e-courses, launched earlier this month, kick-off in the most spectacular way - you've still got time to join in the fun and sample these courses at their ridiculously-reduced, recessionista-friendly price. Awesome sauce, non?!

In case you need a reminder, there are three treats for your learning delight...

ROCK YOUR SASS is an 8-week e-Course for grown-up girls packed with juicy, juicy exercises that will help you to: channel your inner goddess, love what you see in the mirror, create awesomeness on an epic scale and become the most kick-ass version of you that you can possibly be.

There are invocations, visualisations, mantras and journalling prompts – because seriously, a Sassy girl is deffo a journ-o-keeping girl. Fact. You’ll get gentle nudges to push you out of that comfy place, a hand-to-hold while you shine a torch in the icky shadows where fear and doubt lurk, and a support network of fellow Sass-girls to share it all with…plus the whole course will be sprinkled with my very own glitter-filled brand o’ Sassy magick to add a li’l extra sparkle to the whole occasion!

The idea is to take your very own roadtrip o’ self-discovery alongside like-minded, goddess-girls who want to become feisty, capable and kick-ass…Sounds pretty awesome, non?

This 8 week course o’ fabulousness is available at the very special launch price of £55.

JOURN-O-RAMA: an e-course in journaling

Have you wanted to keep a journal, but haven’t been sure how to get started? Do you wish that you could journal more consistently? Have you wondered how to generate writing prompts and ideas? Yes? Then this course is for you, sweet thing!

Y’see, I have a HUGE passion for journaling. 1. because I’m a stationery ‘ho who loves nothing more than books filled with blank sheets of lush paper for me to fill with juicy colour and 2. because well…journaling is the most AMAZING tool for clearing out head junk, dreaming, list-making, getting your creative on and manifesting the big stuff.

This 4 week course is packed with exercises and prompts that will help you to channel your own journ-o prowess, you’ll learn how to start a journal, make journaling a deliciously fabulous habit, generate writing prompts, and use journaling for fun and relaxation as well as visionary life-changing, kick-ass purposes…

This journ-o course can be taken at any time and can be taken at any pace, available at the very special launch price of £30.

BASIC TAROT This e-course covers the basic concepts behind the tarot – it’ll intro you to the structure of the cards, the suits and elements, the courts and the majors, I won’t cover specific meanings of cards, but you will learn the place of each type of card, how to ask questions of the cards effectively, how to work with spreads and linking cards together. I use a LOT of different tarot decks, but all my tarot courses will be based on Alister Crowley’s Thoth deck as they’re my absolute favourites to work with and I think you’ll love ‘em too…

This basic course is the perfect-o prep for getting the most out of THE THOTH TAROT and the ADVANCED TAROT course, but if you just want to dip your manicured toe in the pool o’ tarot, it will give you everything you need to effectively read for yourself and provide you with a very flexible and portable tool to help you on your life’s journey.

Don’t fret though, while the course will be sent out weekly, it can be done at your own pace. This course is available at the very special launch price of £55.

IMPORTANT INFO: All of these courses are available at their reduced rate until Midnight on Feb 1st and kick off with the lucky ju-ju of the new moon on February 2nd! They're all available to study at your own pace, so if you perch now and want to study later, that's completely cool and I'll always be on hand via email or skype if you need me - huzzah! If you have any other questions or would like to book up for one, or all three of these courses, email me at: can't wait to start dreaming big and making things happen with you all!