Tulisa, standing in your power & sex is not a dirty word

I've never been a huge N-dubz fan, seriously, the front man is a dude named 'Dappy' who wears a silly hat, now I know I'm no longer a teen girl in the world, but surely, that is all kinds o' NOT cool, right?Anyway, that's besides the point, despite stupid Dappy and his stupid hat, I have always rather liked their female counterpart, Tulisa Contostavlos.

She had a tendency to over-use the phrase 'girl-power' on her recent stint as an X Factor judge, but she was feisty, spoke her mind and was real and very raw, some o' my most favourite qualities in a girl. Now, I kinda missed all the media hype around a 'sexy-time' clip starring the 23-year-old that surfaced last week, but I didn't miss the ensuing barrage o' abuse from tabloids, bloggers and general public who all thought that it was totally okay to brand her a 'slut'.

Other celeb-girls who have found themselves in an ' exposed sex video situation' have generally hung their heads in shame, commenting on how sorry they are, or how disgraced they feel and lay low 'til they can start to rebuild their media-flawed reputation. Not Tulisa. She responded with this video:

High freakin' fives, Miss T. In this crazy, media-led world we live in, there's a chance that anything we record, private moments or otherwise, may somehow appear online, but as Tulisa points out, she has done nothing wrong and has nothing to apologise for. A dude she trusted and was in total love stuff with, turned out to be a douchebag, let her down and shared something that she thought was private and would remain so. Naive? Maybe. But as far as I'm aware, that does not a slut maketh. In fact, I think it makes her pretty freakin' awesome. We might not film it, but we all have sex. It's not dirty, it's not a crime. I'm pretty sure a fair few of us have probably trusted people we shouldn't have too, right? The Guardian are hailing her a new hero o' feminism, now I don't know about that, putting her on a pedestal means that at some point, she can be knocked off of it, all I know is, that by being real, speaking out and not sitting back and accepting the name calling/abuse/judgement, Tulisa is totally showing us all how to stay in our power, especially in really challenging circumstances - and for that g-friend, I salute you.