Find your truth voice. And yep, it involves menstruation.

Welcome to my blog.I'm away this week on a women's retreat. Which is basically code for a whole lot o' hard-ass self-work that will ultimately end in tears o' some kind. There really is nothing more powerful than women gathering together and sharing in total vulnerability and rawness, yet for the longest time I resisted.

I'm an only child. I never went to sleepovers as a kid. I like my own company. I'm an introvert. I'm WAY more at home writing in my journal letting my heart pour onto paper, I still am to be honest, but through the process of sharing in circles, and having brought women together in sacred space to tell their stories, I’ve been able to uncover a voice that is so much This has become so much stronger since celebrating my menarche in my 34th year o' being a woman. Better late than never, right? Our menarche, our first bleed, is when our song, our life purpose, our truth is awakened in us. With each cycle we sing louder, speak truthfully and nurture that bud o' potential as we respond to, and work with, the lessons it provides, allowing us to open and grow in the awesomeness of who we are. 

Imagine if we had all known this, at that moment o' first bleed - how would it have been different?

For me, I'd have stopped trying so hard to be 'someone' in my late teens and 20s, because I'd be able to trust that with each bleed cycle, life was unfolding me, just as it should. There would have been flow - literally and figuratively, as I narrated the story of being this woman from a place of truth and purpose - my womb.

Which is why I am passionate about speaking about blood, vulvas, periods and all the stuff that makes us women. Which is why I want to hear your story, raw and un-edited. It matters. It's worth telling. Which is why I create circles both online and offline for deep, without judgement, sharing to occur. Which is why I'm offering deep bows and chest bumps to the women who are trusting me in this work. Those of you who have not hit the unsubscribe button, those who have had big-ass faith in me and are inviting me to be their guide-ess in the Explore Your Lady Landscape immersion starting Wednesday May 14th.

The most powerful part of this immersion for me is women gathering together in circle to share their experiences of being a woman. Yes we talk periods, yes we talk hurt, pain and shame, yes, we laugh a little bit about how on certain days, your partner drinking water may sound like they're munching on a pound o' carrots. We cry, we break open, we laugh and as always, I'm a bit swear-y, but in that space, (and FYI: just because it's online, it's no less powerful, especially if you do it in your PJs) we speak out and allow ourselves to be heard.

It’s so vulnerable for us to speak our truth and put ourselves out there, yet this is exactly what you need to do in order to stand in your SHE Power, and gathering in circle, with sisters who 'get it' and show you nothing but love, is an awesome container for that truth voice to emerge.

Please join me for Explore Your Lady Landscape. For your truth voice, in all it's rawness and vulnerability, to fully emerge you need to be willing to dig deep into what being a woman means to you.

Explore Your Lady Landscape is a practical, emotional, spiritual mash up of ancient wisdom and modern-day actuality for women who want to crack their lady code, access their SHE Power and create an amazing life. There will be mistress-ry classes, Q+A calls, and most importantly, the ongoing support in our online circle via a secret FB group - it's a red tent, business mastermind, sacred ritual and girly sleepover all in one. It's real, it's raw, it's necessary.

Are you in? 

Simply click HERE to sign up - I can't wait to be your guide-ess. Any questions, problem with payments, concerns about whether it's for you - hit me up via email at: