Truth telling, story sharing + how to be real


I'm day 22 of my menstrual cycle + I 'should' be amazing everyone with my ability to stay unruffled in the face of ANY crisis. I should be experiencing 'unshakeable serenity' because progesterone is 'meant' to have me feeling relaxed, calm + centred, but honestly? Right now I'm howling with anger, pain + frustration - for myself + for the world we live in. I'm angry because I'm back in the UK + it's fucking freezing. I'm angry at my phone + it's incessant demands for me to respond to it every fucking five minutes. I'm angry that we have to have International Day of The Girl, but then instantly realise that the bigoted man with the stupid orange tan proves exactly why we need International Day of The Girl.

This picture is me telling progesterone to  hurry up with its 'supposed' bloody serenity. Now, unless I'd told you, you'd be mistaken for thinking that's EXACTLY what I was experiencing, right? But that's the thing with social media + online story sharing, not everything is as it seems.

I could go deep with this one because there is a LOT o' talk about 'authenticity' on the internet + it makes me mad, but right now it would just turn into a shout-y pre-menstrual rant + NOBODY wants that, so instead I'll offer up an invitation to you. If like me you're over people claiming to be an authority, or so-called experts telling you 'how to be authentic' in life, in business, or on the page + you simply want to show up, without feeling the need to ask for permission or seek approval from others + tell your truth, share your stories + express your real no matter how messy it might first appear, join me this November, as I open up the SHE Stories Circle.

Yep, I know I usually talk about periods + vaginas (A LOT) but every November, I invite women to gather in circle + allow their cyclic nature to be their SHE guide in expressing their voice, their truth + their vision through the written word.

I used to ache for my voice to be heard. I wanted more than anything to be able to fully express myself - the glory, the pain, the wild + the exquisite in-between space - and share my truth from deep down in my heart + gut. But for so long I got the fear. Big crazy-ass fear. Fear so paralysing, I became a writer-for-hire and wrote Justin Bieber annuals. True. Actual. Fact. On paper, and in my every day life, I self-edited, tamed + censored my vulnerable + raw SHE-powered voice so that I was likeable, loveable, acceptable. It was a bullshit existence, because what I know now, that I didn't know then, was that you will never be an in-your-power, totally-of-service badass if you are not sharing your from the heart + guts truth - no matter how messy, imperfect + not-likeable it might appear.

This is why every November, my birthday month, I connect with the cycles of the moon + my menstrual cycle + devote serious love to my writing practice + I'm inviting you to join me.It's going to be Fierce. Feminine. Devotional.

It's not about being a great writer. There's no end goal. You don't have to show anyone what you've written although you're SO welcome to share. It's about using the daily practice of writing in tune with the cycles of the moon + your menstrual cycle, to unravel your SHE story + express your real.

The content will be dictated by what you bring to the circle. If you have questions about the publishing industry, bring it. If you want to know how to co-collaborate with SHE, ask. If you want to know how to deal with the inner critic, let's chat. If you want to know how to write a proposal, this will be the place to quiz me.

For those who have joined me in previous circles, this time round, I'm also inviting three of my favourite women, actress Carrie Ann Moss, Hay House editor, Amy Kiberd + social media angel Katie Brockhurst to join me in SHE insight Sessions - recorded conversations with sisters who have supported + been my cheerleaders in sharing my truth + my voice, and I'm asking them to provide their insight + wisdom to help inspire, motivate + support you too.

To find out more + to join me in the SHE Stories circle, click HERE