Tim Ferriss: The 4-hour Body

My name is Lisa, and I am self-help book geek.


Although, because o' my extensive knowledge o' the books in this field, there is very rarely anything that rocks my world anymore.

'Til now, that is.

Now, I'm not going to get all gushy 'bout a bloke I've never met, but Tim Ferriss is a bit of a hero-type. He blogs, he inspires and, most importantly right now, he's written an uncommon guide to rapid weight loss, incredible sex and becoming superhuman - what can I say? The dude rocks.

He was right about the rapid weight loss, this will first be experienced in your arms while reading it, because this 600 page hardback is HEFTY. It's also more than a li'l bit awesome.

Why? Well mainly, because it has a whole chapter dedicated to 15 minute female orgasms. Yes, really.

Other reasons I dig this book is:

Tim is on it. He's not another American-o dude who irritatingly promises you quick fixes like that one off the QVC channel - ohh, he makes me mad - no, Tim covers fat loss, sleep, better sex, becoming superhuman and he does it all in a really easy-to-understand and funny way. Which is good, because I have a VERY short attention span when it comes to matters o' fitness and all things healthy.

Now, I didn't get sent this book for free and I have no affiliation with Mister T, although I think he'd be a rather fabulous dude to know, I just think he is absolutely the go-to dude for all things inspir-o. I don't want to go to a fitness boot camp, I don't want to join a slimming club, I just want to get a better understanding o' my body, how it works and how I can be nicer to it, so it's nicer to me - um, did I mention 15 minute orgasms?!

Ohhh yes.

It's out in the UK at the beginning of Feb, and it's in paperback so it won't break your back like my Americano version. Oh and FYI: It's a bit blimmin' awesome.

www.amazon.co.uk, £7.99

Spiritual, YOULisa