The full moon juju

I woke up this morning wondering why I had an attack of the emo, checked the calendar and saw that it was the full moon this evening. Of course it is.

Since following the cycles o' the moon and the way I respond to them as a member o' lady-kind, I've learned to LOVE the full moon juju - it's when the REALLY juicy stuff happens. I don't always like it, but whatever signs, messages, feelings and thoughts come up around the full moon, I know they're going to be part o' something rather big and fabulous in the coming weeks and months ahead.

Yesterday, in our yoga class - have I mentioned that I heart yoga? - I was down on the mat and realised that as bendy-wendy yogi Elaine effortlessly showed us a new move, I felt instant resistance. I'd only just learned the last move, why wasn't I able to just bask in the yummy feeling of that one? Why did I have to go and bend myself into a new unknown shape, that felt all clunky and not right? It was as if she read my mind as the next words she spoke were: 'find the ease, don't rush it. Feel firm and strong where you're at before exploring what you are capable of.'


YES x 100000000.

At times, the flip from freelance girl to an in-my-power-businesswoman, has felt really clunky and not right. I can now see that like my new yoga pose, I've not given myself enough time to feel into it, to find my foundations before stretching into, and exploring what I'm capable of.  I will meet my boundaries, but  instead of becoming rigid and stiff and resistant to them, I'll simply take a big beautiful deep breath, relax into where I'm at right now, before reaching out and brushing, kissing and nudging them, a little further each time, until they becomes firm and strong too and become the brand new super-powerful foundation for me to start exploring yet more capabilities from.

After yoga, the beau and I went for a drive in the country, found a lovely li'l pub and while eating lunch in the sunshine, a ridiculously bee-you-tiful butterfly landed right next to where I was sitting and spread it's wings wide to show me it's full, red glorious gorgeousness.


YES x 100000000.

Butterflies are a sign of transformation, red is the colour of passion and creativity, and it's open wings showed me that it's true beauty occurred whilst in full flight.

Message received loud and clear, Universe/Divine/spiritual home-girl.

Then this morning, I opened my facebook to find  some of the most touch-yo'-heart messages in my inbox. I had been positively love bombed. They were a timely reminder  that the power o' the word is a beautiful thing. Words I wrote in a book in 2007 were read by a teen who has now become the most kick-ass woman and she says that it's because of that book - it's not entirely true, because she's super-amazing and has taken MASSIVE action, but if my words helped her to do that? Wow. A friend told me that a compliment I paid her early this year, has meant she is now doing something she would NEVER have done, simply because I told her a delicious truth about herself that she just hadn't recognised. What we say, words we write, can send ripples out into the world that we don't even know about, but sometimes, if we're lucky, the recipients of those ripples let us know, and well...that makes my heart feel fit-to-burst. Sigh.

Feel into the full moon juju - what juice is it giving you?