The Writer-girl Diaries: I'm book.

I, Lisa Lister, am officially writing my next book and, for some crazy freakin' reason, I'm sharing the WHOLE process right here, every other Friday, in Writer Girl Diaries. Usually I wait for the stars to align, divine intervention, a call from the muses that I can no longer ignore, basically anything that means I don't have to make the first move. But this book has me feeling a li'l frisky, I picked the date and locale - today, my office - without so much as checking the moon cycle, I'm wearing a pretty dress and a slick o' Backstage Bambi by Kat Von D.

Today is my first date with Untamed.

Yep, that's the book idea that I plan to date for the foreseeable future.

In fact, I plan on February being a month long, lust-filled, hot and heavy love affair. That book idea and I will make out on a daily basis. Don't get me wrong, we've been flirting with each other, giving each other passing glances, writing love notes on scrap bits o' paper, but today, we make it official, we commit to a relationship. I'm now a one-book woman. This excited me and scares me in equal measures. Y'see, I married that hot Viking beau o' mine because I KNEW he was my forever love. I will never tire of kissing his lips or making  moment after moment o' true heart thump-y wonder with him, but book ideas? The last month alone, I've  taken lovers. I've flirted outrageously with as many as six ideas at a time.

So I called on my spiritual homegirl.

I did yoga.

I got still.

I listened to my big, beat-y heart.

I opened my notebook and I heart riffed.

Untamed did a dirty dance on the page, it winked at me seductively, I winked back because the heart knows its shit.

So, I'm officially now a one-book girl. I am monogamous. I am also rather forward, so I've totally made the first move. I've opened a blank word document. I'm guessing on our first couple of dates I'll be desperate to impress, showing up with my very best words,  shaving, waxing and trimming. But pretty soon, I'm thinking after about date 3, I'll start to drop the mask, the worry, the concerns that you feel when you're trying so hard to be your best self, and just get real.

I'll still wear lipstick, but I'll start caring less about seeking approval, about saying the 'right' thing, instead I'll start saying the 'real' thing. My heart will make out with the words on the page. We'll lose track of time, we'll get messy, we'll be inappropriate, we'll be unapologetic, we'll get so passionate we forget to come up for air.

[quote style="boxed" float="none"]We'll make out so fiercely and passionately in the creative process, that we create a body-shuddering heart print that leaves our delicious scent on every word, every phrase, every page.[/quote]

I commit to creating an Untamed heart print, and just so you know, we are seriously going to mess up the sheets.