The Writer-girl Diaries: Eau du YOU

When people hook up with me, mostly they want to write a book, which, y'know, is cool what with me being a badass book coach and all.I hear the eagerness, the anticipation, the excitement in their email when they first reach out. I LOVE that bit. They want to write a book SO bad and they want me to tell them the fail-proof necessary steps to publication, share the things I’ve learned as an author, editor and publisher, basically show them how to make this shit happen. I LOVE that bit too.

But as I am bumping, grinding and pulling some pretty spectacular moves with the shitty first draft of my new book, the more I realise that writing a book is less about the hold-in-your-hand book at the end o' it - don't get it twisted, that's STILL very important - but it's so much MORE than that.

It's about the journey of complete self-discovery that happens when you write. 

Even if you're not writing about yourself in your book, the process and yep, I'm fully aware that I sound like every X Factor/Pop Idol/BB reality TV contestant when I say this but it's true, 'the journey' becomes the thing. As you write, you deepen your knowledge of yourself - your strengths, your fears, your quirks, your nuances. Right now, and not to freak out my brand-new husband, writing this book is highlighting my complete inability to commit.I want to cram this ONE book full-to-the-brim with ALL my ideas. A continuing flow of ideas and possibilities with their cheeky winks and seductive stares tease and tantalise me. Some flirt so outrageously I indulge in a li'l-too-close dancing with them for an hour or two - shhhh,don't tell my book - but I'm like it with holiday destinations, with shoes, pretty much everything. I'm  a magpie - 'ahh, look at the shiny new thing, that needs to be in this book too.' What to some people might be seen as a character flaw, and one that I need to 'overcome', is actually a beautiful self-realisation about how I show up in the world. The great thing is, I don't have to do anything about it. I don't have to change it, I don't have to beat myself up for not being a one-idea-only kinda girl. I just have to be aware of this Lisa quirk and acknowledge it's existence within me.

When we have an awareness of a particular trait, or quirk in our being, we get a li'l wiser about the absolute freakin' awesomeness that is us. How delicious is that?

[quote style="boxed" float="none"]An ever-growing awareness to our own particular brand o' awesomeness is the NUMBER ONE tool in shooting word art straight from our heart. [/quote]

I now know that I simply have to allow a significant amount o' play time in the shitty first draft part o' book writing, I need to indulge the flirty skirt-y part o' me that needs to dance seductively with ideas before I get comfy, create a book map and set out on a one-girl roadtrip to destination finish your freakin' book. 

When we know, and continue to learn about our sweet-ass selves, our art - our words - become soul baked, infused with eau du YOU. You worry less about what people are going to think of your writing - hurrah for that - you drop your fears about not being good enough and instead, you start to fall in deep passionate love with the creative experience, which, as a delicious knock-on effect, will help you to fall in love with yourself.

QUESTION: Calling all writer-girl rockstars - do you want to write a book? What's stopping you? Is it time? Is it worry about whether it'll be good enough? I'm working on a new project - Badass Book Writing - and I'd love to know what you struggle with as a writer-girl so I can fill this new product to the brim with as much insight and awesomeness, and most importantly what you need the answers to...(FYI: Badass Book Writing is going to be super-purse friendly  - hurrah! - but if you sign up to inbox love, there will be a low priced, beta test-y version available. Just sayin'.)

Thanks in advance, you rock. Fact.