The Writer-Girl Diaries

Being a writer-girl who writes books means you have to...y'know, write books. Well, unless you rock it like Barbara Cartland, in which case you can kick-back on a chaise lounge while a hot dude with a beard, not dissimilar to Thor, types your words looking all hot and stuff.

Let's pause for a moment and think about that.

Oh yeah.

Now, while dude o' hotness Thor, would totally make the writing process as delicious as an entire tub o' Nutella, if you don't tell YOUR story, you'll miss out on the good shit. The stuff that only happens when you're holding the pen, typing the words. When you're the author of your story, the mistress o' your destiny.

Y’see, the process o’ writing my SASSY story was sweet, sweet medicine for me. I cried big, fat gloopy mascara tears (note to self: when writing next book, invest in run proof mascara - g-friends, any recommendations?) I learned lessons, I tried new things - burlesque and yoga being my most favourite - I reignited my passion for all things ohh-la-la, I manifested a hot beard-ed viking and I did some huge-ass healing, stuff that was previously being held together with a maa-hooosive sticky plaster. Not only did I have a real hold-in-your-hand book, I'd fallen head over killer-heels in heart with li'l ol' me by writing it and now, because I showed up, I dared to share my truth - yep, even the bit about taking lovers - what can I say? I was going through an Anais Nin phase - it’s become a hot pink permission slip for all of girl-kind to put down the tools of mass deception and claim their innate awesomeness.

High freakin' fives to that, right?

But now that SASSY's been out three months, I've basked in it's pink-tinted gorgeousness for long enough, it's time to get to work on the next book. And when I say work, I mean divine, delicious word-play, because that's what writing a book should be, y'know, and it is, most of the time. Sometimes it's a whole lot o' suck, I'd be lying if I said otherwise, but mostly, if you're doing it right, it's play, and I DIG playin'.

I got the title on New Years Day and right now I just have piles of notes on the back of envelopes, in my journal and in a file marked 'new book' on my desktop. As part of my Show Up, Be Awesome intention for 2013,  I've decided to share the entire process, from writing the shitty first draft through to pimping the sweet-ass off it when it's released. There will be tears. I will swear, a LOT. But most importantly, you'll get to experience, in real time, what really happens when you share your story in book form. Yep, there'll be word writing, but there will be so much more besides, seriously, the opportunities and possibilities that open up in your life when you commit to telling your story, YOUR way, will blow your freakin' mind.

Who's in?

Simply sign up for the newsletter  - it's that big pink box over there on the right hand side o' your screen, you'll get a free SASSY revolution-starting guide for gutsy girls - and I'll make sure you never miss an installment o' The Writer-Girl Diaries - they start this Friday. You could write alongside me too, not literally, my writer-girl temple is only big enough for me and Grendel cat, but y'know, if you've been wanting to write a book, start with me, let's do this thing.

Stories can change the world, be a world-changer, tell your story, write YOUR freakin' book!

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