The Write Your Book retreat

Is this the year you are finally going to write your book? 

Do you keep promising yourself that one day you're going to write a book, except that 'one day' never quite arrives? Maybe you're too busy, or there's just not enough time in the day? Or maybe you've started the book, but you're unsure about what do next?

Don't fret, writer girl, I have the solution.

Sun, sea, and a whole week to write your book on an island famous for being the birthplace of Sappho, goddess o' word weaving. You'll be in the company o' like-minded writer-girls and cocktail sipping, while optional, will be actively  encouraged. How does that sound?

I am beside myself with excitement to announce that I'm teaming up with author/publisher/muse and all round woman o' writing fabulosity, Barbara Ford Hammond, to host the Write Your Book retreat - Saturday 22nd to Saturday 29th September 2012 in Lesvos, Greece.

We invite you to join us for a week-long journey of heart-opening, story-telling and word-weaving. A week that will turn your dream of writing your book/memoir/work of fiction into a big, beautiful reality. We're doing star-jumps o' joy in anticipation of this retreat. We've packed it so full of yummy goodness that you will literally be on word-writing fiy-ah and will leave with a fully formed book concept and all the tools that you need to complete, publish and promote it. Most importantly, you'll learn to enjoy, savour, seek pleasure and delight in the book writing process. We will share our most powerful writing tools and techniques, including:

  • How to discover your muse and how she can help you to develop your authentic voice.
  • Exclusive insight into the publishing industry and how it really works.
  • Easy-to-use guides that will make pitching and promoting your book positively blissful.
  • Encouraging you, whilst basking in the Island's delicious Sappho energy, to discover beautiful things about yourself that you may have previously forgotten through the power of words.

WARNING:  This week of writing, learning and inspiration WILL change your life.

I can't wait for you to join us, it'll be amazing. For more information, and to secure your place on the retreat, head over to: