The School o' Sassy Arts

EXCITING NEWS! Today sees the launch o' the too-fabulous-for-words School o' Sassy Arts. Yep, after much arm-twisting, I have combined my life-coaching skillz with a whole lot o' magickal chutzpah to create affordable e-courses that will make your life significantly sweeter! Cool, non?

I'm ringing the school bell and kicking off classes with Rock your Sass - an e-course for grown-up girls, y'know, the Sassy kind. Obv.

Rock your Sass is an 8-week e-Course for grown-up girls packed with juicy, juicy exercises that will help you to: channel your inner goddess, love what you see in the mirror, create awesomeness on an epic scale and become the most kick-ass version of you that you can possibly be. There are invocations, visualisations, mantras and journalling prompts - because seriously, a Sass girl is deffo a journo-keeping girl. Fact. You'll get gentle nudges to push you out of that comfy place, a hand-to-hold while you shine a torch in the icky shadows where fear and doubt lurk, and a support network of fellow Sass-girls to share it all the whole course will be sprinkled with my very own glitter-filled brand o' Sassy magick to add a li'l extra sparkle to the whole occasion!

The idea is to take your very own roadtrip o' self-discovery alongside like-minded, goddess-girls who want to become feisty, capable and kick-ass...Sounds pretty awesome, non?

This course will kick off on February 2nd, 2011, Sassy-fication in the form of a PDF file will fill your inbox with glitter-filled love each week, you'll have insta-access to the Sassy Minx's coaching prowess, that's me btw, and you'll have the space to chat and share your experiences with your fellow partners in all things Sass...

Everyone deserves the opportunity to come splash around in the bubble bath o' Sassy-fication, which is why I'm offering this 8 week course o' fabulousness at the very special launch price of £55 - I have limited spaces available, so what are waiting for? Email me at: to book your place NOW!

Let 2011 be the year that you Rock Your Sass...

Authentic, SpiritualLisa