The SASSY SHE Oracle cards

photo-8FINALLY.20 moons have passed since the SASSY SHE first whispered in my ear. I've laughed, I've cried, I've found myself navigating new life territory, but through it all, these lady loves kept stepping forward to be created with felt tip pens, love and sorcery o’ the SASSY kind.

I munched chocolate, drank liquorice tea, lit incense, cried, read books, took my felt tips to my yoga mat, woke up in the middle o’ the night, moon-bathed, chanted, danced and orgasm-ed bringing these cards into the world. Some came fully formed, singing and dancing demanding their own distinct colour scheme and being super-clear about what they wanted to share, others whispered their wisdom directly to my heart, while others? Well, they made me do some serious inner excavation of my own SASSY SHE-ness. It’s been quite the adventure.

Each SASSY SHE has a truth bomb. Divine guidance that will invite you to enter into a dialogue with your heart and claim your truth. It won’t always be pretty, you won’t always get a happy-ever-after tied up in a pretty bow, in fact, sometimes it’ll be raw and bloody, but it will be real, and it will be raw and magick will happen because when the SASSY SHE is present, it always does.

How you use the cards is totally your call. Read them like oracle cards. Pin them to a wall because, well…they are rather pretty to look at. Use them as a heart riff prompt. Writing a book? Creating a piece o’ art? Ask a SASSY SHE to step forward as your muse. Place one under your yoga mat for SHE-led Shakti flow. Pull a card each new moon - the SASSY SHE loves the luna juju. On the first day of your bleed cycle let the SASSY SHE whisper words o’ love to you womb. If you need to rock out at a meeting, call forward a SASSY SHE to be your cheerleader. Use them as a prayer card. Let them lead you on a beautiful adventure. Slip a SASSY SHE in a friend’s bag when she’s not looking. Sleep with a card under your pillow for SHE-enhanced dream-time. Starting a new project? Ask for a SASSY SHE to be your go-to girl.

These girls are connected to the innate awesomeness of girl kind who have gone before us, the very essence of SHE – Mary Magdalene, Cleopatra, Kali ma, Boudicca, Joan o’ Arc, Joan Jett, Gypsy Rose Lee, The Black Madonna, Ann Boleyn, Audrey Hepburn, Marie Antoinette, Freya, Harper Lee, Anais Nin, Frida Kahlo, Isadora Duncan, Isis, Dolly Parton, Oprah, Maja Angelou, my mumma………..(insert the name o’ your inspir-o-girl here) basically, they carry the lineage o’ badass-ery, and I was called to create them because they wanted you to know that what’s in them, is in you. YOU are the SASSY SHE.


Each pack has 39 cards and comes to you in a hot pink drawstring bag, with a signed postcard of the SHE Power card and a 'shhh-it's-a-secret' link to a downloadable e-book filled with card interpretations, ways to divinate, SASSY SHE mantras, heart riffing prompts, questions and spreads, but don’t feel you have to use it, it’s just a guide. I urge you to make the cards your own. What does each SASSY SHE say to you? Write it down; create your own SASSY SHE guide, let them take you by the hand and lead you on a fierce-ass, rose petal-ed love trail home to your sweet, sweet self.

These cards are super-super special to me. I’m a word-girl. I deal in words. But putting my colour-splashed creations out in the world? This is a big freakin’ deal. I’ve always been a do-it-in-secret colour splasher, but the SASSY SHE? Well, she had other ideas. After months of teasing on Facebook and twitter, the first set are back from the printers, and I freakin' LOVE them, so FINALLY I'm making them available for pre-order from today. If you order them before the 31st August, they'll be delivered to your letterbox by mid/late September.

Click here for more details and to pre-order your SASSY SHE Oracle cards.

I LOVE these cards. I LOVE the magick they hold and I really hope you do too.