The SASSY photo-a-day challenge o' awesomeness

sassy_neon_sign Happy New Year, SASSY ones! Here's hoping this year is your most amazing, kick-ass year yet, I plan on making mine exactly that!

As part o' my 100 things to do in 2012, I've decided to take a photo-a-day for each and every day o' 2012 - a pictorial journal o' SASSYville if you will, I posted about it today on my FB page and lots o' my gorgeous gal-pals were like 'this is an awesome idea, we want in!' so, because I like to think of myself as the gift that keeps giving, I've set up a Facebook page: The SASSY photo-a-day challenge o' awesomeness - catch title, right?! So we can all share our moments and get a sneaky peek into each others lives during this year of complete and total amazing-ness!

Okay everyone, here's a quick 'how-to' participate in the SASSY photo-a-day challenge o' awesomeness...

1. Create a new album on your account and name it "The SASSY photo-a-day challenge o' awesomeness" - catchy title, right?

2. Take a picture and upload it to this album.

3. Label it with the day and date and write a caption.

4. Publish your album and make sure to tag us/upload onto this page

Come join in the fun at The SASSY photo-a-day challenge o' awesomeness - let the pictorial documentation o' 2012 commence!